Women Sue Barclays Center Over Stampede During Future Concert

Two women are now suing Barclays Center over an stampede during a Future concert back in May 2017. The separate lawsuits accuse the arena of not doing everything to keep the people at the concert safe.

The incident happened back in May 19, 2017 when people were leaving the concert. According to NYPD, people reported hearing gunshots outside of the arena. The sounds resulted in panic among the crowd and many ran for safety. The arena’s Twitter account later released a statement saying that no shots had been fired inside. The tweet added that a loud noise during load out caused concern while fans exited.

One video taken after the stampede showed emergency teams helping a person on a stretcher and an ambulance parked nearby. Another video posted on social media showed hundreds of people walking away from the arena. Police later confirmed that no shots had been fired.

The two women, Shauntay Harris and Catrina Washington, claim they suffered injuries in the stampede. They say the arena security was improperly trained. According to TMZ, the women are not only suing the arena but also the promotion company behind the event. They report that in the documents, Harris and Washington say that fireworks were used in the performance, setting off a loud noise, which led to the panic. During the incident, they were allegedly stomped by people running.

The sounds that people thought were gunshots came from the stage, which was being removed. In the documents, it’s mentioned that authorities revealed that the sound came from metal hitting metal when the stage was quickly lowered. The rapper, who was one of a few who performed at the event, was not named in the lawsuit.

In October, a similar incident was also reported at Barclays Center. Reports say the chaos began when a crowd without tickets tried to enter the arena. The event was sold out and security had to lock the doors to control the situation. The incident happened during the Power 105.1 Powerhouse concert, which included the performances of Cardi B, the Weeknd and Migos. Videos taken during the incident show a large crowd standing near the doors and others running to the crowd. A Barclays Center spokesperson said in a statement that the doors were closed and no further entry was permitted. The spokesperson also confirmed that those who had tickets but could not enter would receive refunds.