WWE Royal Rumble (2018) – Match Card and Predictions

The WWE Royal Rumble is tomorrow and fans can’t wait to see what happens in the new women’s Royal Rumble and the men’s Royal Rumble. But the event also has several other matches, including a handicap match for the WWE Championship. There are nine matches, with three of them scheduled for the kickoff show. Here is the match card and predictions for this year’s WWE Royal Rumble:

Kickoff Show

Bobby Roode vs. TBD – Bobby Roode will be defending the WWE United States Championship against an opponent that will most likely be revealed at the start or as a surprise. Roode and Mahal were originally going to compete for the WWE United States Championship at the Royal Rumble but the finals of the tournament was instead scheduled for an episode of WWE SmackDown.

Will the opponent be Mahal or will it be someone else like Dolph Ziggler, who hasn’t made an appearance since vacating the WWE United States Championship a few weeks back. I could also see Mojo Rawley or Tye Dillinger competing in this match.

Gallows and Anderson vs. The Revival – On the Raw 25 episode, Gallows and Anderson had a quick victory against The Revival, who were attacked by DX and The Club after the match. I think The Revival will win this match and bounce back from what we saw on Raw 25.

Lince Dorado, Kalisto and Gran Metalik vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher, TJP and Drew Gulak – The Cruiserweight division will have a match in the event but not for the title. Enzo Amore was scheduled to defend his championship against Cedric Alexander but he was suspended and later released due to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It was recently announced by WWE SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan that 205 Live will get its own general manager next week.

The Usos vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

This two out of three falls match has everything to be one of the best matches of the event. In one corner, you have The Usos, one of the top tag teams in WWE SmackDown. On the other corner, you have Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, a team that debuted a few months ago but has already defeated The Usos in a non-title match.

I think Gable and Benjamin will win this match and become a top tag team in the division. If The Usos win, who will they compete against in the following weeks? They have already defeated The New Day and pretty much every team that has faced them. Title or no title The Usos are still good so I don’t think a loss here would affect them much.

Brock Lesnar vs. Kane vs. Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman has looked quite strong after his attack on Lesnar and Kane and then the rampage that led to him being added to the match again. I don’t think this will mean a Strowman win at the Royal Rumble. Lesnar will pin Kane and continue his run as the WWE Universal Champion. We’ve seen a few opponents come close to defeating Lesnar, including Strowman and Samoa Joe. But I don’t think the title will change hands on Sunday, especially with all the rumors about a rematch with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

There are rumors about a Wrestlemania 34 match between Rollins and Jordan. I think Sheamus and Cesaro will become three time WWE Raw Tag Team Champions on Sunday because of that. We’ve already seen Rollins talking to Jordan about his behavior and accidentally kick him during a segment, so it’s really looking like there will be a feud between them soon.

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

A very strange match, considering that it’s for the WWE Championship. It has already been mentioned that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will be co-WWE Champions if they win but I really doubt this happens. I can see Bryan and Shane getting involved at one point of the match and Styles picking up the win. We saw something similar last month when AJ Styles was distracted by the events going on outside of the ring during a non-title match against Kevin Owens.

Women’s Royal Rumble

The women’s Royal Rumble is the biggest addition to this year’s event. The match will have the same number of participants and rules as the men’s Royal Rumble. 18 of the 30 entrants have already been announced and fans are expecting a few surprise appearances from legends and NXT roster.

The match will have superstars such as Bayley and Sasha Banks but there is one name that has been mentioned a lot since the announcement of the match, Asuka. The former NXT Women’s Champion is currently undefeated and she is a favorite to win the match. Another favorite is not even on the women’s division at the moment and that is Ronda Rousey, who is rumored to be making a move to the WWE soon. The former UFC Champion recently ruled out an appearance at the match, telling TMZ Sports in an interview that she is actually leaving to Colombia to finish shooting Mile 22.

I think Asuka wins this match if Ronda Rousey does not make her debut here. Asuka could then challenge Alexa Bliss at some point and then face Rousey at Wrestlemania. A Rousey win would also be quite interesting as she would not have a brand and I’m guessing she would be allowed to pick her opponent for Wrestlemania.

Men’s Royal Rumble

The men’s Royal Rumble could go so many different ways this year. Roman Reigns appears to be one of the favorites as he has main evented three Wrestlemanias. There are rumors on a rematch with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, so this could be the way to set that up. Then there is John Cena, who tied Ric Flair’s world title record at last year’s Royal Rumble. A win would probably give him the chance to pick his Wrestlemania 34 opponent since he is considered a free agent and can make appearances at WWE Raw or SmackDown.

We never know with the Royal Rumble match though, what if WWE changes everything? Finn Balor, Nakamura and Orton, who won last year’s match, will also be competing. To many of us, Nakamura is a favorite, despite not winning any titles since joining WWE SmackDown from NXT. A Nakamura win would set up a match with AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 34. That sounds like a must watch but WWE SmackDown could see a different winner. Ziggler’s name has been high up on the betting odds, despite not making any appearances since vacating his WWE United States Championship and walking out back in late December. A win from him would be really surprising to many fans. Let’s not forget about Orton, who is a two time Royal Rumble winner.

Prediction: Nakamura takes this match to face AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 34. I know it hasn’t been the best main roster run for Nakamura but him and AJ Styles have had good matches in other companies in the past. At a Q&A back in August 2017, Styles revealed that his dream opponent for Wrestlemania is Shinsuke Nakamura.