Xiaomi Mi 7 Not Launching At MWC, Report Says

MWC 2018 is less than a month away but Xiaomi fans might be disappointed by the latest report. Android Headlines reports that an official of the company has said that there will not be any major announcements at MWC.

It’s been confirmed that Xiaomi will be at the event and many thought the Mi 7 would be there since the company unveiled the Mi 5 at the event two years ago. Last month, a report revealed that the phone would be launched in March. Other reports also mentioned that the Mi 7 and Mi 7 Plus would arrive with a starting price of $407 and $453. Xiaomi might instead be focusing on the Mi Mix 2S, which recently appeared in a leak.

The latest leak shows a phone similar to the previous releases, with nearly all screen on the front. The big change visible from the image is on the front camera, which is now located on the top right corner. The Xiaomi Mi Mix and Mix 2 feature the front camera on the bottom right corner.

This may or may not be the announcement we could see at MWC from Xiaomi now that the Mi 7 is launching some other time. Some reports have mentioned that the company is getting ready to launch this phone before the event.

The Xiaomi Mi 7 also appeared in a leak just a few days ago. The image shows an entirely different device from the Mi 6. The front is nearly all screen, just like we’ve seen on the Mi Mix and Mix 2. The dual camera setup returns but now the fingerprint sensor can be found on the back.

Xiaomi has not given any hints on what it plans to unveil at MWC 2018 but the recent report isn’t good news for those who wanted to see the Mi 7 at the event. The rumors on the Mi Mix 2S also leave everyone with a few questions because the Mi Mix 3 is also rumored for this year. Does this mean that Xiaomi will only launch the Mi Mix 2S this year and not the Mi Mix 3?

Xiaomi now joins LG and Huawei as the companies that may not unveil their flagship smartphones at MWC 2018. Reports say LG has delayed the launch of the LG G7 and will instead unveil a new version of the LG V30. Huawei is said to be skipping the P11 launch, no other devices have been rumored.