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Xxxtentacion Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, better known as Xxxtentacion, or simply as X, is a popular Florida rapper, singer, and songwriter. X became popular in 2014 when he released his first song on SoundCloud, called Vice City. In the song, Onfroy talks about how he wants to leave his criminal past behind in order to pursue his music dreams.

Hi first EP, The Fall, was released in November of the same year. He released two collaboration albums with Ski Mask the Slump Gold and other Members Only collective members, under the names of Members Only Vol 1. and Members Only Vol 2.

His first mainstream success came after he released Look at Me in 2017. X released more songs in April of the same year after he was released from prison. Xxxtentacion held his first tour in the same year, but it was canceled because a cousin of his got shot. His highly-anticipated album, 17, was released in August and peaked at No. 2 of the Billboard 200.

If you want to follow the controversial musician, you are probably looking for Xxxtentacion’s Snapchat account. Well, good news! The rapper is very active on most social media, including Snapchat. Here’s are all the social media on which you can find him:

Xxxtentacion Snapchat Username – theheroinfather

xxxtentacion Snapchat


You can find Xxxtentacion on Snapchat under his handle @theheroinfather. Add him by clicking on the username or scanning the above Snapcode!

Xxxtentacion – Other Social Media

Other than Snapchat, X also uses lots of other social media networks. Here’s a list for your enjoyment!

Xxxtentacion Facebook Account – X uses the name @BadVibezForever as his Facebook handle.

Xxxtentacion Twitter Username – He is also active on Twitter where he’s got 850K followers on his account @xxxtentacion.

Xxxtentacionn Instagram Username – It seems that X’s Instagram was recently wiped because there’s only a single video on there currently. Still, if you want to join the other 5.7 million fans following him, just look up @xxxtentacion on Instagram.

Xxxtentacion YouTube Channel – X has his own, unverified YouTube channel with around 2 million subscribers. Recently, other than music, he started uploading gaming videos. You can find his YouTube here.

Xxxtentacion Tumblr – X also posts short Tumblr posts from time to time. You can check them out here.


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