Argentina: Families To Raise Money For New Search of Missing Submarine

The families of the 44 crew members from the missing Argentine submarine have started raising money to pay for a new search. The search and rescue operations by the navy ended back in December.

The ARA San Juan submarine went missing on November 15 while on a training exercise. The search by the navy lasted fifteen days but nothing was found during that time. Now, family members have opened an account and are asking the public to help fund the new search.

The disappearance and efforts by the navy have drawn criticism from the family members, who think more should have been done. Some family members want the bodies to be recovered while others are not totally convinced about what happened.

The submarine entered service back in November 19, 1985. It was the newest of the three submarines in the navy’s fleet. The submarine, built in West Germany, was refitted back in 2014. Some of the family members have said the submarine was not in good condition, something that the navy has denied. The navy said after the claims that the submarine had been checked just days before sailing and that it was in good shape. The submarine left the port of Ushuaia on November 8 for a training mission.

The family members are looking to hire a US company to begin a new search for the submarine. Some reports say that the families are looking to raise $250,000 while other reports say that their goal is to raise $4 million to hire a company with the latest in technology.

Earlier this month, the government started offering a $4.9 million reward. The Defense Ministry said it will be granted to those people who give information and data that will allow them to find the location of the submarine.

According to reports, the navy’s last contact with the submarine was on November 15. At the time, the captain confirmed that everything was okay. The submarine was returning from the training mission it had started on November 8 when it reported an electrical breakdown. The submarine was told to go back to base but went missing after that. Days later, an organization said it had detected a noise a few hours after the submarine’s last contact with the navy. The navy thinks this may have been the sound of the submarine imploding. A report by the US naval office has mentioned that the submarine imploded and sunk fast, killing all 44 crew members immediately.