China: Man Builds Tank To Gain Social Media Fame, Loses License Instead

A Chinese man who spent months trying to build a tank to gain social media fame has now lost his license after authorities stopped him. The man, who lives in southern China, was hoping his creation would make him popular on social media.

He converted a truck into a tank and began posting about it on social media. His creation did go viral but authorities weren’t too happy with what he was driving. Police took action and revoked his driver’s license.

According to the South China Morning Post, the man spent two months creating the vehicle. Reports say his idea was to gain online fame by driving the tank. He began bragging about his creation on social media and police decided to stop him.

In one video, the man talks about installing a cannon on the vehicle. In another video, he is seen driving a vehicle with a cannon and camouflage paint. He even added a satellite dish at the top of the vehicle.

Police began searching for him and he was stopped on January. The vehicle he was driving looked nothing like the one seen in the video. The top half of the vehicle had been cut off. The cannon and the parts with the camouflage paint were not on it.

The man was driving a truck with no glass or doors. The top half was all missing but there was one sign that the vehicle was the one being used as the tank. In the videos and pictures, both vehicles have the second set of headlights behind the steering wheel and on the passenger side.

According to reports, the vehicle also had no license plates. Police released a video asking him for his license. He did not have it with him and he was taken to a police station. Things would get worse for the man looking to gain online fame as police later revoked his license.

Police also fined the man CNY 1,750 ($277) for driving a vehicle that was not registered. They have also confirmed that the vehicle has been confiscated and will soon be destroyed. Reports did not reveal what happened to the tank parts created for the vehicle but police will likely not see them again on the road as the truck will be destroyed and the man no longer has a license.