Dana Air Plane Loses Door On The Runway

Dana Air passengers suffered a scary landing when one of the emergency doors fell off on the runway. The flight from Lagos to the capital Abuja was on the runway when the door fell off but there are now two stories on what happened.

Dana Air has denied that the incident had anything to do with a problem on the door. The airline has instead blamed the passengers, saying the door could not be removed without an effort by a passenger to open it.

Passengers say that was not the case and that the door was unstable throughout the flight. One person, who was on the flight, said in a tweet that he thought it was just a loose screw and that he didn’t think the door would fall off.

One passenger told the BBC that everyone there had denied touching the door. That passenger said the flight was noisy. He added that he noticed that the door latch was loose and dangling. Another passenger told local media that the flight went smooth but he was shocked when the door fell off with a loud noise while the pilot was talking through the speaker.

Dana Air says there was nothing wrong with the door. The passenger who spoke to the BBC also said that the crew tried to say a passenger pulled the hatch. He added that the crew told them to stop taking pictures or videos.

The airline released a statement saying that when the aircraft is in the air, it is fully pressurized and that there is no way the door or seat could have been shaking as the passengers have said. The airline added that the plane had been inspected by engineers and no issue was reported.

The Dana Air plane was carrying 120 passengers at the time of the incident. Local media reports that there was no one close to the door when it fell off. A Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) official has confirmed that the regulatory body has started an investigation. He also confirmed that the door had been fixed.

In 2012, the airline got its license suspended after a plane crash that killed 163 people. The airline was reinstated just months after the crash. The decision drew criticism as it is said to have come before the investigation was concluded. The airline resumed flights seven months after the crash.