Facebook Planning Watch Expansion?

Facebook’s Watch page has made big additions in recent months but the company might be planing to make big changes in the future. The company is talking about expanding its Watch service, which launched in August 2017, to individual creators, according to people familiar with plans.

This expansion could turn the Watch page into a YouTube rival. The page currently has shows and sports content but it is not really a service for creators. The Facebook idea is for people to create their own content, something similar to what we see with YouTube.

The information comes from three media agencies who have discussed the idea with the company. The company plans to open the service to creators, so they can upload their own content and earn money from the ads placed on the videos. This already exists on YouTube, where some creators have become millionaires with their content.

YouTube is one of the most popular options out there for creators but things have become a little more difficult in the last two years. The video site has changed the rules on a few occasions, making it much harder for creators that are just starting to earn money. Just a few weeks ago, the video site changed its rules again, sparking criticism from the small YouTube channels.

Facebook Watch debuted back in August and has recently made huge additions to attract more viewers. The service currently has many shows but an expansion like the one being discussed would bring lots of content fast. The idea could also bring the creators who are looking to earn more revenue after the YouTube changes.

In recent months, the company has focused on adding lots of sports content to the Watch tab. Back in November 2017, the company added 47 college basketball games to its Watch Tab. The following month, the company agreed to a deal with WWE to bring a 12 episode tournament to the service.

YouTube is currently one of the best options for creators but Facebook’s idea could benefit from all the changes that have happened recently. Back in January, the video site updated its rules, making it much more difficult for small channels to earn revenue. The new rules require the creators to have a total of 4,000 hours of watch time on their channel within the past 12 months. The creators also need 1,000 subscribers. The previous rule required creators to have 10,000 views.