Family Sues Starbucks After Allegedly Finding Blood In Their Drinks

A California family is now suing coffee company Starbucks after allegedly finding blood in one of their drinks. The family visited a Starbucks in 2016 and they quickly noticed that there was something wrong with one of their drinks.

Amanda and Louis Vice ordered the drinks and noticed that there was something red when their daughter began licking the whipped cream off one of the drinks. Amanda Vice told KTLA that once they drank it, they could see inside that there was blood. She added that her daughter was licking the cream where it had been sitting on top.

The couple told employees about it and one of them reportedly admitted that one employee had been bleeding after cutting herself. After the complaint, the manager told the employee to stop making the drinks.

The discovery began worrying the family shortly after and they requested the employee to undergo blood tests. According to the lawsuit, the blood tests never happened. The lawyers representing the family released a statement saying that the family had to schedule their own blood tests.

Family Sues Nearly Two Years Later

Lawyers have also said that the manager of that Starbucks location offered the family free drinks for a week. The family denied but would later get another offer from the company over the incident. Pictures recently tweeted by ABC 7 Eyewitness News show two cups with what appears to be small blood stains.

The incident happened almost two years ago but the family has now decided to sue for damages. The family turned down the free drinks offer and the company reportedly offered the family $1,000 each. They also turned that down and are now suing the company.

The coffee company released a statement to People after the lawsuit was filed, saying that they’ve been working directly with them to resolve this since this allegedly happened nearly two years ago.

Recent Lawsuits

In May 2017, a woman won a $100,000 lawsuit against Starbucks after she sued the company over burns that a coffee left her. The Florida resident ordered a coffee at a Starbucks drive-thru but the lid popped off as she was receiving it. The coffee spilled all over her lap, leaving her with serious burns. The jury awarded the woman $100,000 for the injuries and medical bills. The lawsuit is one of a few that the company has faced over coffee spills.