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Isaac Lupien Snapchat Username & Snapcode

A professional dancer, Isaac Lupien rose to fame after appearing in the teen drama, The Next Step. A teacher and choreographer, he has been performing on stage as early as he could walk. Today, his parents operate the Canadian Dance Company in Ontario, Canada.

Aside from the dance-oriented show, the twenty-something has also acted on a couple of other instances. For instance, he had made his debut (albeit in a small role) in the film, Flash of Genius. More recently, he also participated in the movie, Jazz Hands, which came out in 2017.

How Isaac Lupien Became Famous

One of the cast members of The Next Step, it was ultimately the drama series that had propelled him to fame in the early 2010’s. Created y Frank Van Keekan, the show centered around a group of young, aspiring dancers in The Next Step Dance Studio.

Premiered on March 8, 2013, its cast included many talented individuals including Lamar Johnson, Alexandra Beaton, Brennan Lost, and Briar Nolet, among numerous others. In the series, Lupien played the part of a character namedEldon.

A decent success, The Next Step was soon renewed for a second season, following the end of season one in 2014. Since then, that has repeated a few more times; most recently, the fifth season wrapped up in December 2017.

Isaac Lupien’s Other Acting Appearances

Prior to being cast in The Next Step, the dancer had, in fact, appeared in another project titled, Flash of Genius (2008).

Most recently, Lupien also played the role of Isaiah in the family film, Jazz Hands starring Kira Murphy, Logan Fabbro, and Rae Rezwell.

Isaac Lupien’s Personal Life

Despite his good looks, it would seem that the twenty-something is currently still single.

Isaac Lupien’s Snapchat Name – N/A

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Isaac Lupien is active on Snapchat at this time. Don’t worry though, we’ll let you know as soon as he joins! In the meantime, why not check out some of his other social media accounts?

Isaac Lupien’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is Isaac Lupien’s Personal Facebook?

As far as we know, he does not have an official fan page on Facebook

What is Isaac Lupien’s Twitter?

You can follow his tweets on Twitter over at @IssacLupien

What is Isaac Lupien’s Instagram?

You can follow the dancer’s photo-feed on IG at @Isaaclupien

What is Isaac Lupien’s Youtube?

You can check out many of his videos on YouTube by clicking here

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