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Kenneth San Jose Snapchat Username

Kenneth San Jose is a popular American teenage dancer. His dance videos and choreographies made him a big social media celebrity, and a star in the world of dancing. He was born in April of 2002 in California, where he has been practicing hip-hop dancing since his childhood.

As of last year, Kenneth is a part of Boy Squad, a popular dance group that hosts a show of the same name. He is also a part of lilBeasts and HB Kids crews and has worked with stars such as Matt Steffanina and WildaBeast Adams.

Through his dancing, he has amassed loads of followers both in real life and online. Both kids and adults alike follow him and enjoy his moves and choreographies. If you’d like to join the army of fans, look no further. Up next we’re taking a look at Kenneth San Jose’s Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook profiles. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Kenneth San Jose Snapchat Username –¬†kennethsanjose

Kenneth San Jose Snapchat


Kenneth San Jose’s Snapchat Name is @KennethSanJose.¬†So try and add him! Fingers crossed that he accepts your request! Who knows, he maybe even responds to your message.

While waiting, be sure to check his other social media profiles below!

Kenneth San Jose – Other Social Media Accounts

Now that you’re following Kenneth San Jose on Snapchat, you might want to check his other accounts. Below are some of his other profiles:

Kenneth San Jose Facebook Page – Ken’s official Facebook page over 115,000 likes and followers. It’s fairly active, making it a good place to follow him on.

Kenneth San Jose Twitter Username – His Twitter offers a personal look into his thoughts and interests if you are interested in that. His username is @KenPSanJose, and he has 50,000 Twitter followers right now!

Kenneth San Jose Instagram Username – While the above two are fairly popular, Instagram is the one that takes the cake. With 660,000 followers, it is by far his most popular social media account!

Kenneth San Jose Youtube Channel – You can also catch him on Youtube. His channel is very popular too, with almost 200,000 subscribers at the time of writing! All of his videos combined have close to 11 million views, and the channel keeps growing from day to day. If you’re interested in his vlogs and choreographies, his channel is the place to check out.

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