Leagoo S9 To Be Launched At MWC?

The Leagoo S9, the phone with the Galaxy name but with the design of an iPhone X, will officially be launched at MWC 2018, according to reports. The smartphone will also be on exhibition at the company’s booth during the event.

The Leagoo S9 made news last month when images revealed that its design was very similar to the iPhone X. The smartphone has a giant screen and a notch, immediately reminding us of Apple’s premium phone.

The screen and the notch is where the similarities end as the device is totally different on the back and on the specs. The device also has the S9 name, which is the name of Samsung’s upcoming phone.

The back of the Leagoo S9 is very different from the iPhone X. The device has a fingerprint scanner, which is something that is not featured on the iPhone X. Apple’s premium phone instead has facial recognition. The only similarity on the back is the vertical camera.

Price and Rumored Specs

Another difference is the price, with the Leagoo S9 said to be debuting at a price of less than $300. That’s a lot less than the iPhone X, which has a starting price of $999. The specs won’t obviously be close to the iPhone X but the price could catch the attention of many looking for an affordable phone.

Here we have all the rumored specs for the Leagoo S9:

  • 5.85-inch display.
  • MediaTek P40 processor,
  • Fingerprint scanner on the back.
  • 6GB of RAM.
  • 128GB of storage.
  • Dual rear cameras of 16MP.

Last Year’s Release

Last year, the company released the Leagoo S8, a device that looks a lot like Samsung’s S8. The company did do a few things differently with its device, including dual front facing and rear cameras. What’s even more interesting is that the device featured a fingerprint scanner under the cameras and not on the side. Recent leaks have shown that the Galaxy S9 will do the same after many were not happy with its placement.

The Leagoo S9 is one of a few phones that could arrive with a similar notch to the one seen on the iPhone X. Leagoo won’t be the first as the Little Pepper S11, which was announced in China back in December, already has it.

The Leagoo S9 will be officially launched at MWC, which begins on February 26.