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Maame Biney Snapchat Username And Snapcode

Maame Biney is a 17-year-old American speed skater, who is currently performing at her first ever Olympic games. She was born in Ghana, Africa in 2000, and became a skater at just six years old, after she relocated to Virginia with her father. Although she did start her lessons as an ice skater, her trainer shortly suggested that she switches to speed skating, which she did.

Maame Biney at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter OlympicsHer breakthrough moment happened last year when she finished at the 7th spot at the World Junior Championship in Austria. She also won a bronze medal at the 500m race. That qualified her for the Olympics, and she can currently be seen in Pyeongchang, at her first Olympic games.

If you want to follow the young skater on social media, look no further. Next up, we’re taking a look at Maame Biney’s Snapchat, and other social media accounts!

Maame Biney Snapchat Username – Maame Biney Doesn’t Have Snapchat

Sadly, it seems that we won’t be following her on Snapchat anytime soon. Maame Biney’s Snapchat is currently unknown, which probably means that she doesn’t actually use it. Otherwise, she would surely want to share it somewhere, right?

We’re hoping that Biney is currently a bit busy with the Olympics and that she will start using Snapchat after she comes back. Of course, we’ll let you know if that happens, as well as bring you any related news.

In the meantime, here are some alternatives:

Maame Biney – Other Social Media Accounts

Biney might not have an official Snapchat account yet, but she still has an online presence. Up next we’re taking a look at her other social network profiles, as a sort of alternative for her lacking Snapchat. Let’s get started.

Maame Biney Facebook Account – There’s nothing notable when you search the skater’s name on Facebook, so we’ll have to conclude that she simply isn’t using it right now. However, she is on both Twitter and Instagram!

Maame Biney Twitter Username – Maame’s official Twitter username is @BineyMamme. She is followed by only 8500 people, definitely fewer than an Olympian deserves. So what are you waiting for, go give her a follow! She recently hasn’t been very active, but that’s no surprise – she’s at her first Olympics after all!

Maame Biney Instagram Username – Biney’s verified Instagram account, @biney.biney, has just under 30,000 followers. Like on her Twitter, she only updates the account every few days, but hopefully, she will become more active once she’s back from Pyeongchang.

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