Man Rescued After Three Days In London Sewer

Authorities have rescued a man who was trapped in a London sewer for three days after he fell down a drain. According to reports, the man walked around to find a way out but he never did.

The rescue happened when people working in nearby stores heard his cries for help. One witness, who had also heard the cries, recorded the entire rescue after authorities arrived. Several police officers were there to help with the rescue operation.

People working nearby heard his cries for a while but could not find where it was coming from. They looked around the place but never thought he was in the sewer. One witness says the man kept shouting for help but never said where he was.

Authorities were contacted but the people went back to work after they couldn’t find where the cries were coming from. Police arrived and asked what was going on and were told by people that they had heard shouting. They were taken to the place where they were hearing the cries.

One witness told local media that she first assumed that someone had been run over. As she got closer, she noticed a man standing in the drain. She added that it took quite a few people to lift off the cover.

The man wandered through the tunnels after falling in but never found an exit. He told authorities that he had fallen in on February 5. He claims he fell in the drain six miles away and couldn’t lift the cover, so he started walking.

Another witness told local media that it was so strange and that he looked bewildered and confused. Images show the man being pulled out and sitting next to police officers who helped with the rescue operation.

He was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. It was later revealed that he had been treated for injuries to his feet and exposure to the cold. A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service said that he had been treated for ankle injuries and exposure to the cold weather and water.

How he got in the sewer remains a mystery as the city has checked and not found any broken manholes in nearby areas. Officials believe that he may have entered the sewer closer than what he has said. The man has not given a clear explanation on how he got there.