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Mark Thomas Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Mark Thomas initially gained rose to prominence on Musical.ly, where he has more than 5 million fans. Since then, he has also made a name for himself on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, among other platforms.

Not only is the teen a social media star, but he’s also a singer. In 2016, he surprised fans with two singles, Selfie and Mistletoe. From there, he followed up his first EP titled, Down For a While, which included a collaboration with Chris Miles.

How Mark Thomas Became Famous

As it happened, Mark originally gained himself an audience on Musical.ly, which he’d joined in 2015. As he worked to fill his account with videos, his fan base quickly grew; before he knew it, he had reached the big milestone of having one million followers. Today, this amount has only more than quadrupled to be over five million.

From then until now, he has worked with many other Musical.ly stars including Loren Gray, Nathan Triska, Jackson Krecioch, and Zach Clayton.

Not long afterward, the teen also became popular on Instagram, YouNow, and YouTube. In fact, he has amassed more than 3 million followers on the photo-app alone!

Mark Thomas’ Music Career

A few years into his online career, the teen made his big music debut with the release of the single, Selfie in 2016. Shortly afterward, he followed up with a second track titled, Mistletoe. To his pleasant surprise, both songs performed relatively well, with positive reviews from fans.

Later in 2017, he released his first extended play, Down For a While, which featured Chris Miles in one of its tracks.

Over the past few months, the teen has released a few other singles including Side Chick and Used to Have You.

Mark Thomas’ Snapchat Name – tumblr_mark

Want to know what he’s up to when he isn’t singing? If so, why not follow the teen on Snapchat? To add him to your friend’s list, click here.

Mark Thomas’ Other Social Media Accounts

What is Mark Thomas’ Personal Facebook?

Perhaps you’d like to drop by his official FB fan page? You can find it over at @RealMarkThomas

What is Mark Thomas’ Twitter?

Stay connected to the star through Twitter! You can find his official account at @duhitzmark

What is Mark Thomas’ Instagram?

If you’re a fan, be sure to check out his IG photo feed at @duhitzmark

What is Mark Thomas’ Youtube?

Though it only has a handful of videos, you can drop by his official YouTube channel by clicking here.


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