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McKayla Maroney Height, Weight, Age & Boyfriends

McKayla Maroney is best known for being an Olympic gold medalist in artistic gymnastics for the American team. She also made waves in the vaulting event when she missed two of her landings and came in silver. She made a frustrated, over-it face when receiving her medal, and it quickly went viral as the McKayla is not impressed meme.

About McKayla Maroney

Real Name: Her real name is McKayla Rose Maroney.

Nickname: She is well known on the interest for being the face behind the wildly popular McKayla is Not Impressed meme.

Occupation & Job: Retired Olympic Gymnast

Famous For: She is famous for winning the silver Gymnastics medal in the 2012 Olympics, and being pretty upset about it.

Age: She is currently 22 years old.

Birthday / DOB: She was born on December 9th, 1995.

Place of Birth / Hometown: Her birthplace is Long Beach, California.

Nationality: McKayla is American.

Ethnicity: She is Caucasian.

Height, Weight & Body

How Tall – Height in Meters: Mckayla is 1.57 meters tall. This is fairly tall by gymnast standards, but still pretty short for the general population.

How Tall – Height in Feet: She is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Weight in Pounds: She weighs about 117 pounds.

Weight in Kilograms: This equals out to 53 kg.

Body Measurements

Bra Size: Her bra size is estimated to be about a 32C

Waist Size: Her waist size is about 26 inches.

Hip Size: Her hips are measured at about 36 inches.

Eye Color: McKayla Maroney has green eyes.

Hair Color: She has brown hair.

Foot/Shoe Size: She wears a US size 6 shoe. This equals out to be 36.5 EU.

Dress Size: She wears a size 6.

Personal Life ( Relationships, family, education, Net Worth)

Are They Married: McKayla is single.

Husband / Boyfriend: She has not come out publically with a boyfriend. For years, she was not allowed to date as she was expected to dedicate all her time to training for gymnastics.

Father: Her father is Michael Maroney, who was a Quarterback with Purdue University.

Mother: Her mother is Erin Maroney.

Brother: She has one younger brother named Kavanaugh, or Kav for short.

Sister: Her younger sister is named Tarynn.

Children: McKayla does not have any children.

High School: She was homeschooled so that she could concentrate on training for the Olympics.

Did They Go To College: No. McKayla has expressed interest in going to college but is interested in doing it later in life.

Salary: Unknown.

Net Worth: She is thought to be worth about $4 million.

Sexuality: Unknown since she hasn’t publically dated anyone, but assumed straight.

Random Facts

Horoscope: McKayla is a Sagittarius.

Hobbies: She enjoys going to the beach and the pool, shopping, and going to the movies

Favorite Movie: Her favorite movies include Inception, Elf, and Yes Man.

Favorite Sports: Some of her favorite sports other than gymnastics are tennis, soccer, and ice skating.

Address: Unknown

Phone Number: Unknown

Social Media Accounts & Usernames


Like most celebrities, McKayla does not have a public Facebook profile for fans to add as a friend, but rather an official fan page where she can be followed. She has over 330,000 followers on her page. She has not made a post since October of 2017 when she posted in support of the #MeToo movement.

Twitter  – Unavailable

Since she came out in support of the #MeToo movement and subsequently testified against her abuser, Larry Nassar, she has taken down her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Instagram – Unavailable

Snapchat –

Other Cool Facts:

  • She was extremely energetic as a child, and that is what led her to start training in gymnastics.
  • She was homeschooled and graduated the high school program in 2014.
  • McKayla is fond of pop musicians such as Drake, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift.
  • The head coach of her team was Arthur Akopyan.
  • She competed with a team in the 2012 Olympics which was called the Fierce Five.
  • She joined the 100+ women in making a victim impact statement against Larry Nassar, despite facing a $100K fine for breaking the NDA from a previous legal settlement.
  • McKayla Maroney retired from gymnastics in 2016, around the same time that she sued the U.S. Gymnastics team for the sexual abuse inflicted on her by their doctor, Larry Nassar.
  • She had to have knee surgery in 2014, following an injury.
  • She was featured in a music video for one of rock band’s 30 Seconds to Mars songs.
  • She has acted in several TV series, such as the popular series Bones. She played a murderous gymnast.


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