Mexico: Hundreds of Migrants Found In Trucks

300 migrants have been found inside trucks in the last two days, according to Mexican authorities. On Saturday, authorities revealed that several Central American migrants had been found in trucks, which were stopped at a checkpoint.

On Friday, authorities revealed that 102 migrants had been found in Veracruz. The statement added that the migrants showed signs of suffocation and dehydration. Authorities later discovered the two other trucks with the 198 migrants.

Trucks Stopped In Tamaulipas

Immigration authorities released a statement saying that the two trucks had been stopped in Tamaulipas, which is located less than 200 miles from the border with Texas. The migrants found in the trucks are said to be from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The 198 migrants were discovered when immigration authorities used scanners. The people did not have the proper ventilation, space or supplies, according to authorities. The statement added that the group was traveling in deplorable conditions.

Authorities Arrest Three

Three arrests were made and migrants have told authorities that they traveled through two states to get to the area. The migrants told authorities that the route is often used to avoid controls. Authorities have confirmed that children were among the people traveling in the trucks.

The discoveries come just days after a truck carrying 76 migrants was found near the US – Mexico border. US immigration authorities found the migrants when they stopped a truck traveling on a highway in Laredo, Texas.

Authorities revealed that the people found inside the truck are from El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala. The driver was reportedly stopped and questioned on his immigration status. Authorities then searched the truck and found the people in the back.

Customs and Border Protection confirmed that all 76 people were in good health. The driver, who is a US citizen, was arrested. Authorities also confirmed that thirteen of them are children.

The dangerous practice has led to the deaths of many migrants in recent years. The trucks often don’t have the proper ventilation or supplies for the dangerous journey. In Friday’s discovery, pictures released by the National Immigration Institute showed many people sitting in a small space. In July 2017, a truck with 39 migrants was found outside a San Antonio Walmart. Nine of them lost their lives as the vehicle had no working air conditioning system. The discovery was made after a man asked an employee for water and he contacted authorities so they could search the truck.