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Red Gerard Snapchat Username

While Red Gerard has been snowboarding since he was just two years old, he very recently came into the spotlight as the youngest American snowboarder ever to win the gold medal at the Olympics.

How Red Gerard Got Famous

Red, whose real name is Redmond Gerard, was born on June 29th, 2000 in Westfield, Ohio. His parents, Conrad and Jen Gerard, also have 6 other children. Red has two sisters, Tieghan and Asher, and four brothers names Creighton, Trevor, Malachi, and Brendan. He started snowboarding at the early age of 2. His family moved from Ohio to snowy Colorado before he turned ten. Magazines began to take notice of his talent, and eventually Red started to tour around the world, hotting various competitions.

Red Gerard Snapchat Name Рredgerard

red gerard

If you would like to add Red to your Snapchat account you can do so by clicking here.

Red Gerard Other Social Media Accounts

Red Gerard Personal Facebook Account

Red currently only has 17,845 followers at the time of this writing, but that is almost guaranteed to increase in the days following his gold medal win. He uses the site to post photos and videos of his snowboarding performances. It does not look like Red has a personal Facebook profile, or at least not a public one.

Red Gerard Twitter Username

Red is on Twitter under his full name of Redmond Gerard. He hasn’t updated much – he was pretty active in 2016 when he was touring for events, and making a movie about snowboarding called Insight. He has just under 11,000 on his official Twitter page. Many of his previous tweets are crossposted from his Instagram page.

Red Gerard Instagram Username

Red has the most followers on his Instagram account, which makes sense. His 150,000 followers are treated with awesome snowboarding pics and videos, in addition to the occasional impromptu selfie.

Red Gerard Kik Username or Code

 Unfortunately for his many new fans, Red does not seem to be on the Kik messaging app, or at least not with a public username.

Red Gerard Youtube Username

Red does not have his own YouTube channel, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find tons of videos of him and his epic gold-medal winning snowboarding performance in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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