Rules of Survival Feb. 7 Update – What’s Coming?

In three days, Rules of Survival will release another update to add more content to the game. It is the sixth update of the app in 2018 and definitely one of the most anticipated since it will add new game options and a map.

What’s Coming?

The biggest addition coming to this update is the map, which was pretty much confirmed when the RoS Twitter asked for testers last month. The map is a huge addition because players have been competing in the same map since the game was released.

According to the RoS update information, the map includes new areas such as swamps and gardens. The map, called Fearless Fiord, will bring more than just new areas. There will be nine new weapons, including the MP5 and P90.

There are also new options for the new map, with a 300-player Solo mode and a 120-player Squad mode. In the current map, players can only choose from 120-player Solo mode, 60-player Squad mode and 80-player Fireteam mode. The new map is large, so the game will also add ziplines in some of the areas.

Other Cool Additions

  • Players can now go underwater with the new breathing function. Going underwater consumes the oxygen bar, so be careful when using it because it could lead to HP damage.
  • There will be vehicle camo, the update information does not reveal how players can unlock them but we are guessing that they can be found through the supply and elite supply boxes, just like the weapons camo.
  • Players can now choose where they want to sit on when entering a vehicle. There is currently an option where players can change seats but not select the one they want to sit on.
  • Leaving when knocked down will now count as a kill for the opponent. Very good change here as players would often leave the game when knocked down to stop the opponent from getting a kill.
  • New hovercraft and truck vehicle for the new map. The hovercraft can hold up to five players while the truck can hold six players.

The game developer has released all the maintenance times for the February 7 update. You can find that information after the first loading screen of the game.

What do you think of the game? What would you like to see in other updates? Let us know in the comments.




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