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Sabrina Wanjiku Simader Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Sabrina Wanjiku Simader is the first Kenyan alpine skier that competed in an Olympic event. While Simader was indeed born in Kenya, she moved to Austria at just 3 years of age and started skiing. Sabrina Simader attends school in Liezen, Austria, currently taking online classes due to her busy schedule.

Her first career success happened during the 2012/13 season when she won three disciplines in Styria (an Austrian province). She was the champion at the giant slalom, super-g, and the alpine combination. A few years after she was invited to represent Kenya at the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer in 2016.

Sabrina Wanjiku SimaderAnd now you can find her at this year’s Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang. She proudly wears Kenyan colors, as she is the first ever Kenyan female alpine skier to participate in the event. She was quoted saying that she is aiming for a top 20 finish at the Olympics.


Sabrina speaks English and German, as well as some Kikuyu and Kiswahili, which are Kenyan languages. If you want to find the skiing prodigy online, look no further. Today we’re taking a look at Sabrina Simader’s Snapchat, as well as other social media profiles. Let’s start with Snapchat!

Sabrina Wanjiku Simader Snapchat Name – Sabrina Wanjiku Simader Doesn’t Have Snapchat

Sadly, Sabrina Simader’s Snapchat doesn’t exist just yet. The skier never mentioned it in any of her interviews, nor has it linked anywhere on her website. Thus, we sadly have to conclude that she simply doesn’t have one. If she decides to hop on Snapchat, we will be the first to let you know.

In the meantime, here are some alternatives for her fans:

Sabrina Wanjiku Simader – Other Social Media Accounts

While her Snapchat is nonexistent, Sabrina Simader has some other social media profiles you can find her on. Here’s a list of the most popular ones:

Sabrina Wanjiku Simader Facebook Account – Sabrina’s official Facebook page has around 7,000 followers. The number is just another indicator of how young her career is, as we are sure it will keep growing in the years to come. She is fairly active on Facebook, making it a great place to follow her on.

Sabrina Wanjiku Simader Instagram Username – Simader’s Instagram username is @sabrinasimader98. She only has 3.5k followers but is very active nonetheless. You won’t regret the follow, that’s for sure.

Sabrina Wanjiku Simader Twitter Username – Sabrina, unfortunately, doesn’t have a Twitter account at the time of writing.

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