Samsung Galaxy S9 Price Leak Reveals Bad News

Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy S9 will be at MWC but there’s some bad news for those saving up to get the device. According to a TechRadar source in the smartphone industry, the Samsung device will have a much higher price. The Galaxy S8 was launched at a price of £690 ($750 in the US) but this year’s release could cost £100 more.

This means that the starting price of the Galaxy S9 could be £790, which equals to $1104. We don’t think Samsung will have a starting price of $1,104 for its Galaxy S9. The starting price could be somewhere between $850 and $950 in the US.

The source told TechRadar that you can expect the device to be £100 higher than last year’s release. The source added that the truth is that increased smartphone prices on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone X have shown that there are plenty of people willing to spend that kind of money.

The price is about the only thing left for Samsung to confirm as recent leaks have shown the Galaxy S9 design. In recent months, smartphone case and accessory companies such as Olixar and Ghostek have revealed interesting images of the device.

The case listings have shown the Galaxy S9 and S9+, which could arrive with a few differences this time. The releases were pretty much the same last year but the case listings have revealed that Samsung could go the Apple route and only have dual cameras on the S9+.

Before the case listings appeared, several rumors had revealed that the design would remain nearly the same. That appears to be right so far as the case listings have shown just small changes, one on the positioning of the fingerprint scanner and another on the dual camera for the S9+.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be launched on February 25, just a day before MWC officially begins.