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Smok Majesty 225W TC Starter Kit Review

The brand-new Smok Majesty 225W TC Starter Kit is a brand new fully-equipped box mod from Smok. Featuring a beautiful finish of both carbon fiber and resin, the Smok Majesty 225W TC is a great mod for experienced vapers and new vapers alike. The Majesty is powered by a brand new chipset, which allows for the device to output anywhere from 6 to 225 watts of power.

The Smok Majesty is an incredibly customizable device and is absolutely jam-packed with features. These include a sub-ohm atomizer output (ranging from .1 to 3, dependent on the type of coil you wish to run) as well as variable voltage, which ranges from .5 volts all the way up to 9 volts. There is also a new setting output mode, which allows you to control if the wattage is output in a way that can best be described as hard, normal, or soft. Hard causes more rough hits, although bigger hits, and soft causes weaker hits but without any harshness whatsoever. Normal is just like your regular vaping experience.

The Smok Majesty 225W TC also comes with a brand new temperature control module. It is capable of handling Ni200 Nickel coils, titanium coils, or stainless steel coils. You can also adjust the resistance and change it, as well as vary the temperature anywhere from 200 degrees fahrenheit all the way up to 600 degrees fahrenheit. In other words, the user can control if their vapor is harsh and rough like a real cigarette (on the higher end of the spectrum), or if their vapor is softer and milky like a true vaping experience. The bottom portion of the Smok Majesty 225W features a removable battery bay door, which is powered by two 18650s. Of course, there is a stainless steel 510 threading, which makes the mod compatible with just about any tank you could want to use.

The one-inch OLED screen brings the device together. It has a bright,, icon-based dot display matrix that is fully customizable. It shows you the battery life indicator, as well as features an easy-to-use menu that contains all the little settings and adjustments to make your Smok Majesty 225W work just right. You can change the color of the menus to be blue, purple, orange, red, white, or green.

The Smok Majesty 225W TC Starter Kit typically includes the TFV8 X-Baby Beast tank. This is a tank with replaceable coil heads, which you must order (sadly, no building your own coils which can save quite a bit of money over a lifetime). However, the TFV8 X-Baby Beast is one great tank. It features an impressive 4mL capacity, and features a juice port that can be accessed by moving the head of the tank via the swivel. The TFV8 X-Baby Beast is compatible with the SMOK X-Baby coil family. This coil family is sub-ohm. There are two types of coils, the T6 coil head and Q2 coil head. The T6 coil head is recommended for 70 to 90 watts, while the Q2 coil head is only recommended for 55 to 65 watts. It is all held together in a stainless steel enclosure.

All the available colors of the Smok Majesty 225W TC

The purchase of the Smok Majesty 225W TC Starter Kit gets you the mod itself (the Majesty 225W box mod) and the Smok TFV8 X-Baby Beast Tank, as well as one of each type of coil. Of course, it also includes a USB charging cable and replacement glass for the X-Baby. One thing to note is that 18650 batteries are not included, which can make or break the buy for some vape users. However, the Majesty does have a pass-through enabled, which will allow for your batteries to charge while actually sitting in the device (typically, 18650 batteries are charged through an external port).

With that said, I still believe that the Smok Majesty 225W TC is a great mod for either a new vape user or an experienced one. I have quite a history with Smok products, and I fully believe that the combination purchase of a new mod and tank for $65 is a great deal. You can pick up a Majesty 225W TC Starter Kit at VIP Premium Vaping and E-liquids or if you want to go direct to the product page you can click here.

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