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Tessa Virtue Snapchat Username

A Canadian ice dancer, Tessa Virtue recently defended her Olympic title at the 2018 Winter Games, alongside skating partner, Scott Moir. Having skated together ever since 1997, the pair have won numerous competitions, including the World Championships three times.

Hailing from London, Ontario, Tessa Virtue is the youngest of four children. After picking up skating as a young child, she was paired up with Scott Moir at the age of eight. Coached by Paul MacIntosh and Suzanne Killing, they eventually participated in their first Canadian Championships in 2006.

How Tessa Virtue Became Famous

In Canada, Tessa and Scott had had themselves a fair reputation, ever since their first gold medal at the 2008 Canadian Championships. From there however, their popularity quickly increased further as they continued to win more competitions- including the Four Continents, and World Championships.

Later in 2010, they received a significant amount of attention after winning their first Olympic gold at the Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Four years later, they finished second on the podium at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Tessa Virtue’s Recent Activities

From 2014 until now, Tessa and Scott have continued to participate in several competitions. For instance, they had won the gold medal at the 2016-17 Grand Prix Final, 2017 Four Continents Championship, and 2017 World Championships.

Most recently, they also represented Canada for a third time at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang (during which they also served as the flag bearers), where they participated in the team and ice dancing events. Having put on a stellar performance, they ultimately won with two gold medals.

With that, they became the most decorated figure skaters in the history of the Olympic Games, with a total of five Olympic medals. In fact, their total score from the ice dancing segment had broken a new world record.

Tessa Virtue’s Snapchat Name – N/A

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Olympic champion is active on Snapchat at this time. With that said, she is on a few other outlets, which we’ve outlined below.

Tessa Virtue’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is Tessa Virtue’s Personal Facebook?

You can visit Tessa and Scott’s official Facebook fan page by clicking here

What is Tessa Virtue’s Twitter?

If you want to follow her tweets, be sure to follow her Twitter account at @Tessavirtue

What is Tessa Virtue’s Instagram?

Interested in behind-the-scenes photos? If so, why not follow her on Instagram at @Tessavirtue17?

What is Tessa Virtue’s Youtube?

From what we can tell, Tessa Virtue does not have his own YouTube channel

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