Texas: Amazon Packages Abandoned In Justin Neighborhood

Residents at a Justin neighborhood were surprised when they found more than 60 Amazon packages on an empty field and ditch. On Sunday morning, Matt Ellis found the packages behind his house.

Ellis and his neighbors contacted authorities after finding the packages. Ellis says he found about 50 boxes just lying in a dirt field. A police officer confirmed that there was approximately 66 packages.

The residents picked up the packages, placed them in a truck and began delivering them. According to WFAA news, police said all the packages for that area have been delivered. Packages for a nearby city are being held at the police station while authorities contact all the owners. Amazon released a statement to WFAA news saying that they will address this with their delivery service provider.

It is not the first time that something like this happens to Amazon packages. Back in December, a delivery man in Texas was caught throwing packages into a dumpster. The man was followed by a fire chief after he noticed suspicious activity from the van. The delivery man drove to a nearby dumpster and the fire chief watched as he tossed the packages.

Authorities later released security footage of the delivery man stopping the van and tossing the Amazon packages into the dumpster. The fire chief and his colleague found more than 20 boxes from three different locations. Some of the boxes, which had been ripped open, had toys and other Christmas gifts.

Residents were shocked to hear about the news since they had been waiting for the packages for days. Some of the customers had already received a refund before learning that their packages had been tossed in a dumpster. Amazon released a statement to WFAA news saying that the man was no longer delivering packages for them.

Authorities found that the man was working for a third-party company hired by Amazon to make the deliveries. They also confirmed that the delivery man had not taken anything from the packages.

In both cases, it appears that the delivery drivers were getting rid of the packages instead of delivering them. Ellis says he is not going to stop buying at Amazon, telling WFAA news that it’s probably just that one person and that hopefully it is a lesson learned for Amazon.

The remaining packages, now at the police station, are from the city of Argyle, which is located just a few miles away from Justin.

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