Friday, March 31, 2023

Uruguay: Jewelry Store Rewards Officers Who Recovered Stolen Jewelry

A jewelry store in Uruguay has rewarded the police officers who were involved in the operation to recover their jewelry. The owners of the jewelry store decided to give each police officer involved a gift after the operation.

The jewelry store, which is located inside the Conrad hotel, was recently robbed by a group of thieves. The group took several jewelry pieces, which have an estimated worth of nearly $3 million.

According to El Pais, the owners of the jewelry store also decided to reward the police officers with a meal. The gifts and meal weren’t the only thing that the jewelry store owners handed out. The Sensation du Temps store also gave out a new Hyundai i20, worth over $24,000, to the city’s police department.

The 80 police officers involved in the operation received a Luminox Original Navy Seal 3000 watch. The price of the watch is close to $400, which means the owners spent around $32,000 on the gifts for the police officers. The car and watches put the total at more than $55,000 and we’re not even counting the meal, which was probably hundreds of dollars since all of the police officers involved in the operation were invited.

The store had already thanked the police department a few days earlier. A spokesman for the company told El Pais that they are proud of the Uruguayan police and they will continue to mention that they are an example of efficiency for all the police in the world.

The store is one of the most popular jewelry stores in the city of Punta del Este. According to reports, in the robbery, which happened on February 6, more than ten thieves entered the store and stole several watches. They stole between 150 – 200 watches.

The group was caught a few days later by the Maldonado police department. The jewelry items were all recovered by authorities during the raid. 17 people were also arrested during the operation. The operation took place at an apartment building in the city of Punta del Este. Pictures taken by witnesses and local media show authorities guarding the area after the raid.

The reward has drawn criticism from some officials as they say it is illegal for the police department to receive money, gifts or favors for their job. A spokesman for the police department has responded to the criticism by saying that they were not expecting to receive anything for their job.


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