Woman Sues Former Boyfriend After He Disappears With Lottery Winnings

A woman is now suing her former boyfriend after he disappeared with the lottery winnings. The woman is suing for half of the prize plus half a million dollars in punitive damages. The $6.1 million lottery winnings were supposed to be theirs together but Denise Robertson says her former boyfriend didn’t tell her anything and left.

In the claim filed recently, it says that they had always agreed that if they had the winning ticket, it would be theirs together as a couple. Denise will have to prove that they did make that agreement but first, they have to find her former boyfriend Maurice Thibeault.

Mr. Thibeault lived with Robertson and her daughter for over two years but has disappeared since he won the lottery. According to the claim, they bought lottery tickets together for almost their entire relationship. The claim adds that sometimes he would buy it and other times she would buy it.

The claim also mentions that Robertson heard on a local radio station about winning tickets in Quebec and Chatham. Robertson, who lives in Chatham, contacted Thibeault asking if he had bought tickets. He replied with a yes and asked her to check the numbers. The statement adds that when Thibeault got home, he made it clear to her that they did not have the winning ticket.

The confirmation of the winning ticket would come the following day when Robertson got home and noticed that he had packed up everything and left. The winning ticket was one of two in the September 20 jackpot. The $12.2 million prize was split between the two, with $6.1 million going to Mr. Thibeault. But a court injunction issued a few months ago stopped the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) from paying half of that. Robertson is now asking for half of the winnings plus $500,000 in punitive damages.

Thibeault has received half of the $6.1 million but the OLG is holding on to the other half until everything is solved. Associates of Thibeault recently told the Star that they had not made any agreement on the winning ticket but added that he bought it with a debit card linked to her bank account.

People being accused of running away with lottery tickets is nothing new. Back in December, a waitress in Arkansas accused her friend of running away with a $300,000 lottery ticket. They had made an agreement that they would split the money, according to the waitress. Her friend ended up cashing the ticket on her own and she is now thinking about legal action.