WWE Wrestlemania 34: Possible Challengers For Each Title

It’s been a few days since the WWE Royal Rumble and while we now know the two superstars that will compete for championships, there are still many questions left two months before the big event. The event, which takes place in April, only has two matches confirmed at the moment, one involving the WWE Championship and another the WWE Raw or SmackDown Women’s Championship. The WWE Intercontinental, United States, Tag Team, Cruiserweight and Universal Championships don’t have a clear challenger yet but it is not too early to take a guess on which superstars will compete for titles at Wrestlemania. Here are the possible challengers for each title:

WWE Intercontinental Championship

The Miz recently regained the WWE Intercontinental Championship by defeating Roman Reigns. A rematch could happen at some point but a Reigns win is unlikely as he is rumored for a match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34. So who will challenge The Miz if he defeats Roman Reigns or does not have that rematch? Well, only one name has been rumored so far and that is Braun Strowman. The former Wyatt Family member failed to win the WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble, leaving him with little options for a Wrestlemania title match.

WWE United States Championship

There are plenty of superstars who could face Bobby Roode at Wrestlemania 34. One could be Jinder Mahal, who he recently faced at the tournament finals for the WWE US Championship. Baron Corbin, who was the US Champion a few months back, also sounds like another challenger since it doesn’t look like he has any feuds going on at the moment. I can also see Dolph Ziggler coming back and challenging for the title, even though that would be a little strange since he vacated the same title a few weeks ago.

WWE Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Cesaro and Sheamus regained the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships while The Usos retained the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships at the Royal Rumble. The Bar don’t really have a clear opponent for Wrestlemania 34. The team of Rollins and Jordan appears to be over while other teams such as Gallows and Anderson have been feuding with The Revival. I believe one of those two teams, maybe even both, will compete against The Bar at Wrestlemania 34.

For WWE SmackDown, it appears that The Usos will feud with The Bludgeon Brothers. A match between the two at Wrestlemania 34 makes a lot of sense since Harper and Rowan are the only team The Usos have not faced. Gable and Benjamin appear to be out of the tag team title race after losing their match at Royal Rumble. I could also see Rusev and English getting a tag team title opportunity at some point.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The WWE Cruiserweight division has made two major announcements since the release of Enzo Amore, who was the WWE Cruiserweight Champion at the time. Just a few days ago, Drake Maverick was announced as the new 205 Live General Manager. He then revealed that there would be a 16 man, single elimination tournament for the WWE Cruiserweight title. The winner will most likely go on to Wrestlemania 34 but the challenger could be anyone at this point.

WWE Universal Championship

Braun Strowman got his title opportunity along with Kane at the Royal Rumble but Lesnar came out victorious once again. For months, there’s been rumors about a rematch between Lesnar and Reigns at Wrestlemania 34 and that now appears to be happening with Strowman out of the title race.

There really isn’t many opponents out there for Lesnar, who has defeated superstars such as Kane, Braun Strowman, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe in recent months. Finn Balor was rumored for a match against Lesnar at the Royal Rumble but plans were scrapped, according to reports.

WWE WrestleMania 34 is a little over two months away and the upcoming episodes of WWE Raw and SmackDown will likely give us an indication on which matches we’ll probably see at the big event. Nakamura has already confirmed that he wants to face AJ Styles while Asuka has yet to choose her opponent.

What did you think of the 2018 Royal Rumble? Which matches would you like to see at WrestleMania 34? Let us know in the comments.