Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Gets Price Cut, Mi Mix 2S Launch Soon?

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S debut appears to be very close after the company dropped the price of its Mi Mix 2. In recent weeks, reports have revealed that the company will launch the Mi Mix 2S at MWC. Before that, it was rumored that the company would launch the Mi 7 at the event.

The Mi Mix 2 is now available in China for CNY 800 ($127) less. That’s a big price cut for a phone that was released only a few months ago. The price cut could either mean that the company is planning to release a new version or that the sales aren’t going well. The two releases have sold out several times in China, with many of the flash sales ending in less than a minute.

The Mi Mix 2 has seen plenty of rumors in recent weeks. Xiaomi has not confirmed or given any hints that this will be the device that will be launched at MWC. The MWC website has confirmed that the company will be at the event, which will take place later this month.

Leaked images of the device show a phone with a lot of screen, something that the series really stood out for with the Mi Mix. The most interesting part about one of the images is that the device has a notch like the one seen on the iPhone.

Reports have recently revealed that Xiaomi may not be the only one to skip on a flagship launch at MWC. Huawei, LG and HTC are all said to be delaying their flagship smartphone launches. Other reports have revealed that Xiaomi might even announce the Mi Mix 2S before MWC takes place.

Rumors about a Mi 7 launch began surfacing after it was revealed on the MWC website that the company would be making an appearance there. They made sense as the company unveiled its Mi 5 at the event back in 2016.

Xiaomi has not confirmed if this will be the next big release of the series or just a device with minor improvements while the company works on the Mi Mix 3. The 2S name appears to indicate that it will be just an upgrade of the Mi Mix 2. The device could also be the first to have the new Snapdragon 845 processor, according to recent reports. The Snapdragon 845 processor is said to be coming with the Samsung Galaxy S9 but an early launch, as reports have recently mentioned, could make the Mi Mix 2S the first device on the market to have it.