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Alissa Czisny Snapchat Username & Snapcode

A retired figure skater, Alissa Czisny had won two National titles during her skating career. Not only that, but she had also won gold medals at the Skate Canada International and Grand Prix Final events. In 2014, she announced her retirement from competition.

Born and raised in Ohio, she and her twin sister began skating early in their childhood. In order to improve her flexibility and strength, she later also took up ballet. By the time she was in her early teens, she had started to compete at the international level.

How Alissa Czisny Became Famous

In 2007, she gained national attention after finishing third at the US Championships for a bronze medal. A couple of years later, she won her first gold medal at the event, after achieving a high score in the short program. With that, she earned a second trip to the Four Continents competition, where she finished ninth overall.

Unable to defend her title, she placed tenth at the subsequent 2010 US Championships. With that, she was unable to make the US Olympic Figure Skating team. To make things more difficult, she also found out that her sister had been diagnosed with cancer.

Alissa Czisny’s Later Activities

Though she considered retiring, her coaches encouraged her to continue skating. With the much-needed encouragement, she went on to win a second gold medal at the 2011 US Championships in Greensboro.

That season, she also put on a stellar performance at the 2010-11 Grand Prix Final in Beijing, one that went on to earn her a gold medal.

Though she continued to compete over the next few years, injuries led her to slip from the podium. In the end, she chose to retire from figure skating in June 2014.

Alissa Czisny’s Snapchat Name – N/A

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Unfortunately, it would appear that Alissa Czisny does not have a public Snapchat account. While that may be the case, how about following her on some other platforms?

Alissa Czisny’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is Alissa Czisny’s Personal Facebook?

You can check out Alissa Czisny’s Facebook fan page by clicking here

What is Alissa Czisny’s Twitter?

From what we can tell, Alissa Czisny does not have a Twitter account

What is Alissa Czisny’s Instagram?

If you’re interested in her photo feed, head on over to her Instagram account here

What is Alissa Czisny’s Youtube?

From what we can tell, Alissa Czisny does not have his own YouTube channel


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