Brazil: British Brothers Shot After Trying To Fight Off Robbers

Two British brothers visiting Brazil are now at a hospital after trying to fight off robbers. The brothers, James and William, were walking back to their hotel on the early hours of March 2 when the robbers attempted to steal a backpack from one of them.

The incident happened at the Taperapua Beach in the city of Porto Seguro. The robbers tried to take the backpack but the brothers fought back. The two were approached by two men on a motorcycle.

During the incident, James was shot twice in his arm while William suffered a fractured finger. The robbers fled the scene after they couldn’t take the backpack. Local media reports that one of the brothers told authorities that they tried to snatch the backpack and they took it back.

Police Launches Investigation

Police have launched an investigation into the robbery, which happened in a popular tourist area. Authorities have confirmed that the two brothers are in stable condition. James and William recently entered the country and were planning to stay there a few more days.

The brothers are currently at the hospital and have received visits from family members who live in the country. They have confirmed that they will visit them when they leave the hospital.

Reports say authorities don’t have any information on the suspects but they do have CCTV images of the motorcycle that was used for the robbery. It is not the first time that tourists fight back during a robbery in Brazil.

Similar Incidents

In January 2017, a US tourist chased a robber that had entered the lobby of their apartment building and pointed a gun at them. The robber fired four times before attempting to flee. The tourist suffered minor injuries during the fight with the robber, who was arrested by police officers shortly after.

Two months later, a Mormon missionary from the United States fought off two robbers. In the footage captured by a security camera nearby, a motorcycle with two men is seen stopping next to a few people. The man punches both robbers and one of them flees right away. Residents are seen chasing the second robber, who left his motorcycle behind.

Brazilian police have advised tourists not to scream or argue during a robbery. They also warn tourists to be extra careful at night and not show any valuable objects that may attract robbers.