Chile: Las Condes Mayor Complains of Vandalism Against Bike Sharing Service

The mayor of Las Condes, Joaquin Lavin, has taken social media to complain on the vandalism against bike sharing service Mobike. The mayor made a post on Twitter showing what happened to one of the bikes that is part of the service.

In the post, a bike can be seen on the side of the river. According to the mayor, the bike was thrown in the Mapocho River, which flows through Chile’s capital Santiago. The mayor says in the tweet that this is pure vandalism, questioning who would do something like this.

Lavin has said that the person who rented the bike was not the one that threw it in the river. He added that they do know who is responsible for this. The mayor did not say if the bike was removed from the river. He later revealed that they found out through an Instagram story, which showed teenagers picking up the bike and throwing it.

Mobike, which was founded three years ago, is one of several bike sharing services being offered in some parts of the world. The service is known for its gray and bright orange bikes. Mobike is said to be the largest shared bicycle operator in the world.

The bike sharing service arrived to Chile earlier this month. The service is currently available in Las Condes and La Reina, where residents can easily rent bikes after downloading the app. Mobike works just like the other bike sharing services available across the world, with an app that allows users to rent bikes for a small fee. The company announced that the service would be free for the first week.

The service was launched on March 4 and the commune has been monitoring it ever since. Mobike offers a new way of transportation in the two communes but the launch has not gone perfectly. One of the bikes was thrown in the river but the service has other problems, including theft. According to reports, a boy was caught attempting to steal one of the bikes just a few hours after the service launched. A Facebook post also showed a bike from Mobike sitting in the balcony of an apartment building.

Mobike’s problem in Chile is nothing new as bike sharing companies are facing the same thing across the world. The vandalism and theft problem has been so bad in some places that companies such as GoBee Bike have been forced to leave cities.



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