China: Ice Boy Asked To Leave New School After a Week

The Chinese boy who went viral after a picture of him with his hair covered in ice surfaced, has been asked to leave his new school just days after he started attending. The boy, who was nicknamed ”Ice Boy” after a freezing journey to his school left him with ice all over his hair, received an offer to attend a private school after his story went viral.

The story surfaced earlier this year and many began helping out the family. Several donations were made and the boy received an offer to attend a private school in Zhaotong. The boy accepted the offer and he started attending the private school. But things changed just a week later.

The South China Morning Post reports that the principal asked the boy to leave the private school. His request came just a little over a week after he started attending the school. The principal says he didn’t know that the offer would lead to so much attention.

The boy started attending the school at the end of February but the South China Morning Post reports that the boy’s father was asked to take him back to his other school on March 6. The boy’s father was confused about their decision.

The principal was later interviewed and revealed that the offer had brought a lot of attention from the media and scrutiny from authorities. He added that he didn’t know that the boy was considered a key figure in the government’s effort to reduce poverty.

The principal also explained to the South China Morning Post that during the days he was at the school, they received numerous inspection requests from authorities. The principal added that they were also being contacted by the media for interviews. He says it was impossible for him to reject many of these requests.

The newspaper says the boy liked his new school and had said that the teachers there are better than the ones at his old school. The private school has decided to give the family a little over $3,000. The family has reportedly received thousands of dollars in donations since his story went viral. He was also given a three day trip to Beijing with his family.

China, the most populous country in the world, has reduced poverty throughout the years but estimates from 2016 revealed that there were 43 million people still living below the poverty line.