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Dorothy Hamill Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Dorothy Hamill is an American ex-figure skater, best known for her World Championship and Olympic medals. She was born in Chicago and moved to Greenwich when she was very young. Hamill started skating at the age of eight and shortly after fell in love with the sport. At just twelve years, she won the World Championship, two years before her senior debut.

Just a few seasons after her debut, she won the senior World Championship and stayed the US champion for three consecutive seasons. In 1976 she won her first Olympic medal, as well as the World Championship. She was in the media spotlight throughout her career and influenced the world in more ways than just with her skating achievements. For example, she was the one that started the oversized glasses trend of the 70s.

Next up, we’ll be taking a look at her social media presences. We’ll start with Dorothy Hamill’s Snapchat, and expand to the rest of them, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Dorothy Hamill Snapchat Username – Dorothy Doesn’t Have A Snapchat

Sadly for all the fans, it seems that Dorothy Hamill’s Snapchat username doesn’t really exist. It appears that she doesn’t even use the app whatsoever, since there’s no mention of anything similar, anywhere online. However, we have some alternatives for you below.

Dorothy Hamill – Other Social Media Accounts

As mentioned, below are the alternatives for anyone wanting to stay updated with Dorothy Hamill’s everyday life:

Dorothy Hamill Facebook Account – Dorothy’s Facebook page has close to 10,000 followers! She is fairly active on it but mostly uses it to promote products. If you’re a fan, why not give her a follow through?

Dorothy Hamill Twitter Username – Hamill’s Twitter username is simply @DorothyHamill. Unfortunately, she hasn’t posted anything on there since 2016. So her 12,000 followers are sort of left hanging and hoping she comes back.

Dorothy Hamill Instagram Username – Sadly, similar to Snapchat, Dorothy simply doesn’t seem to be interested in using Instagram. So her username doesn’t exist. However, there is an Instagram topic with her hashtag that you can use as an information hub of sorts.

Dorothy Hamill YouTube Channel – Like Instagram, Dorothy has her own auto-generated YouTube topic, which contains all of the videos relevant to her. Definitely a good resource for all Hamill fans out there!

If you have any additional info, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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