Drunk Man Goes On a $1,600 Uber Ride

A 21-year-old man who went out partying with his friends is now probably regretting that decision after the Uber ride he took home ended up being super expensive. Kenny Bachman got very drunk during the party and then decided to take an Uber ride home.

The Uber ride he took was from West Virginia to his home in South Jersey but the problem with that is that he doesn’t remember anything. Mr. Bachman partied and drank throughout the night and had already spent a few hundred dollars at the bar.

The bar tab would end up being nothing in comparison to the cost of the Uber ride. The cost was a whopping $1,635. Mr. Bachman does not remember what happened after he got in the car. The ride lasted hours and he didn’t know what was going on when he woke up.

Mr. Bachman spoke to InsideEdition and said that he blacked out and woke up hours later with a driver telling him that he had been sleeping the entire time. He added that he woke up in the last 45 minutes of the ride, which lasted 5-6 hours.

This wasn’t the only bad decision Mr. Bachman made while he was drunk. The Uber ride he ordered was an Uber XL, which is usually a little more expensive than regular Uber rides. The worst part about the whole thing is that he ordered the Uber ride during surge pricing, which happens when there is high demand for rides. Surge pricing, which usually leads to a much more expensive ride for the user, has been in the news in the past over high costs. The app gives an estimate of the fare but Mr. Bachman probably didn’t notice after his night of partying and drinking.

The surge pricing and the long ride home were a bad combination as it led to a $1,635 cost. Mr. Bachman was dropped off at home and later contacted the ride sharing service about the cost. He says he tried to dispute the cost but the company responded by saying that he had ordered and taken the ride.

The cost was too much for Mr. Bachman, who is now looking to raise money to pay for the ride. He has created a page on GoFundMe, where he has received a $50 donation so far. The description explains that he blacked out in an Uber and woke up to a $1,600 dent in his pocket.