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Kiira Korpi Height, Weight, Age & Boyfriend in 2018

A Finnish figure skater, Kiira Korpi had medalled at the European Championships three times during her competitive career. In addition to that, she was also the 2012 Rostelecom Cup champion, and the 2010 Trophy Eric Bompard champion. At the age of 27, she announced her retirement in 2015. Want to know more about the athlete? Keep scrolling, we’ve got more on her down below.

Kiira Korpi Personal Facts – 2018 Update


Kiira Linda Katriina Korpi


Freestyle Skier

What is she Famous For?

As a competitive figure skater, Kiira Korpi is perhaps best known for having won the Finnish National Championships five times (2011-2015, 2015). Adding to that, she had also medalled three times at the European Championships.


She is 29 years old

Date of Birth

Her birthday is on September 29, 1988


Kiira Korpi was born in Tampere, Finland, where she began skating at the tender age of five.




She is Finnish

Kiira Korpi Height, Weight & Body Facts

How Tall – Height in Feet

She is 5’0 tall

How Tall – Height in Meters

She is 1.52 meters tall

Weight in Pounds

Her current weight is around 103 pounds

Weight in Kilograms

Her current weight is around 47 kg

Body Measurements

Her body measurements are unavailable at this time

Waist Size

Her waist size is unknown

Foot/Shoe Size

Information on her shoe size is unavailable

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Personal Life

Relationship Status?

Last May, it was announced that she had gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Arthur Borges Seppala.

Rauno Korpi (a former Olympic medalist)

Kelly Sildaru’s Boyfriends



Brita Korpi


Rauno Korpi (a former Olympic medalist)


She has an older sister named Petra Korpi, who’s also a skater


As far as we know, Kiira Korpi does not have any brothers


Kiira Korpi does not have any children

High School

At this time, we do not have any information on Kiira Korpi’s high school education.


Kiira Korpi did not attend college; instead, she trained as a competitive figure skater.


For now, information on Kiira Korpi’s salary is unavailable.

Net Worth

Unfortunately, information on Kiira Korpi’s 2018 net worth is unavailable



Random Facts


Her hobbies include hanging out with friends and reading

Favorite Food


Favorite Actor


Favorite Book


Favorite Movie


Favorite TV Shows


Favorite Music Artists


Favorite Sports

Figure Skating


Born on September 26, she is a Libra

Phone Number

This information is currently unknown


This information is currently unknown

Kiira Korpi’s Social Media Accounts & Usernames

Kiira Korpi’s Instagram Username

Kiira Korpi’s Facebook Account

Kiira Korpi’s Youtube Channel

As far as we can tell, Kiira Korpi does not have her own YouTube channel

Kiira Korpi’s Twitter Username

Kiira Korpi’s Snapchat Username 

Kiira Korpi is not active on Snapchat.

Other Interesting Facts:

  • In her native Finland, her fans referred to her as Jääprinsessa “Ice Princess” due to her resemblance to Grace Kelly
  • A multilingual speaker, she speaks Finnish, English, German, and Swedish fluently
  • To facilitate her skating, she has practiced Ashtanga yoga and pilates in the past
  • She landed her first triple Salchow jump at the age of eleven
  • At the age of nineteen, she won her first bronze medal in the ladies’ singles event at the European Championships
  • Five years later, she finished second on the podium for a silver medal at the 2012 European Championships
  • Since her retirement, she has worked as an athlete ambassador and has performed in several ice shows
  • Last year, she worked for Finnish TV at the 2017 World Championships, which took place in Helsinki
  • During her competitive skating career, she was a member of the Tappara Figure Skating Club
  • She missed her first Grand Prix event during the 2007-08 season due to an infection in the esophagus
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