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Kiira Korpi Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Kiira Korpi is a popular figure skater from Finland. She is actually one of the most prolific modern ones in the world. Today, we will be taking a quick look at her career. The, we will focus on Kiira Korpi’s Snapchat, and other social media profiles. Let’s gets started, shall we?

She was born and raised in Tampere, Finland, where she started skating at just 5 years old. Her first major appearance was in 2003 when she competed at the World Junior Championships. Later that year, she won her first medal, a bronze one in Poland. Next year, she won both her first gold and silver medals, in Germany and Finland respectively. During the next season, she achieved great results and qualified for the 2006 Winter Olympics.

In the 06-07 season, Korpi debuted at the Grand Prix. She also won a bronze medal at the European Championships, making herself the 2nd female Finnish competitor to win a medal at that particular competition. The following season, she suffered an injury which prevented her from achieving any significant results.

The next year she returned in full force and became the Finnish national champion. She followed it up with a bronze at the Winter Universiade 2009. Next several seasons were huge successes for Kiira. During the 09-10 season, she won medals at the Nebelhorn Trophy, the Finlandia Trophy, the Grand Prix, and the Cup of China. She also competed at the Olympics, where she finished at the 11th spot.

She kicked off the next season with several more podium placements. Once again, she became the Finnish champion, and also won a bronze at the European Championships. During the following seasons, she kept achieving significant results but also started getting more and more injured. She announced her retirement in 2015, stating that the reasons were her numerous injuries as well as the anxiety she started having because of them.

Next, we will be checking out Kiira Korpi’s Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Kiira Korpi Snapchat Username – Kiira Doesn’t Have Snapchat

Unfortunately, it seems that Kiira Korpi’s Snapchat username doesn’t really exist, since Kiira isn’t using the app! If she decides to change her mind and starts using it, we will be the first to let you know.

Kiira Korpi – Other Social Media Accounts

In the meantime, why not follow her on other social media accounts. Here they are:

Kiira Korpi Facebook Account

Kiira Korpi Twitter Username – @kiirakorpi_fi

Kiira Korpi Instagram Username – @kiira_korpi

Kiira Korpi YouTube Topic


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