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Loren Gray Height, Weight, Age & Boyfriend

Loren Gray is a 15-year-old Instagram model and star. She used to go by Loren Beech before she switched to using her middle name, Gray.

About Loren Gray

Real Name: Loren Gray Beech

Nickname: Loren Gray

Occupation & Job: social media influencer, model, singer

Famous For: She gained an impressive 22 million followers on the lip-syncing app

Age: 15

Birthday / DOB: Loren celebrates her birthday on April 19th, 2002.

Place of Birth / Hometown: Pennsylvania

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height, Weight & Body

How Tall – Height in Meters: 1.62 meters

How Tall – Height in Feet: 5’3

Weight in Pounds: 100 lbs

Weight in Kilograms: 45 kg

Body Measurements

Bra Size: Unknown

Waist Size: Unknown

Hip Size: Unknown

Eye Color: Loren has bright blue eyes.

Hair Color: Loren has light blonde hair.

Foot/Shoe Size: 8

Dress Size: 4

Personal Life ( Relationships, family, education, Net Worth)

Are They Married:

Husband / Boyfriend: Even though Loren is still very young, she has already publically dated 

Father: Loren’s father has chosen to keep his name a secret, but he does have his own Instagram which you can follow by clicking here.

Mother: Loren lives with her mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Brother: Loren does not have a brother.

Sister: She has an older half-sister on her father’s side.

Children: Loren is only 15, and does not have any children as of now.

High School: Loren has publically said that she does not like public school, and she completes her studies at home.

Did They Go To College: Loren is still in high school, and has expressed a dislike of school in general. She most likely will choose to pursue her career once she graduates.

Salary: Loren’s salary is variable depending on the income that she pulls in from modeling, brand sponsorships, and her monetized YouTube views.

Net Worth: Loren’s true net worth is estimated to be about $300k.

Sexuality: Straight

Random Facts

Horoscope: Aries

Hobbies: Loren likes doing unique makeup style, dancing, and singing. She also enjoys all things fashion.

Favorite Movie: Loren’s favorite movies are Mean Girls and The Notebook.

Favorite Sports: Loren used to do lots of sports when she was still in regular school – cheerleading, track, gymnastics, and dance.

Address: Unknown

Phone Number: Unknown

Social Media Accounts & Usernames


Compared to her other social media accounts, Facebook is lacking in followers. She has 331,270 fans on the site.


Loren is followed by 782K of her fans on Twitter. She joined the platform in the Spring of 2013. She’s posted 5,386 times since then.


Loren has 9.2 million followers on Instagram. With her Barbie-like look, she is the perfect Instagram model. Many of her posts are professional looking selfies, sometimes including her new dog.


Other Cool Facts:

  • Loren said in one of her videos that she used to hate her middle name, Gray because she was teased for it when she first attended school. Now she uses it for her brand.
  • She has previously dated two other internet stars, but now she is single.
  • She briefly dated Juwany Roman, a Snapchat star who goes by Geo, but they broke up because he was getting super jealous and controlling. He put out a video admitting that he was jealous but denying that it was a problem.
  • Loren loves making makeup tutorials on YouTube. The one that got her the most views was her Harley Quinn tutorial, which was styled after the most recent iteration of the character in Suicide Squad.
  • Besides makeup tutorials, Loren also like to do decorating videos, cooking videos, as well as collaborations with other YouTubers.
  • Not too long ago, Loren moved from her home state of Pennsylvania where she lived with her mother to live in LA for her career.
  • Loren was on the nominee list of the 2016 Teen Choice Awards for Best stars.
  • She has said that she would rather watch YouTube videos over watching television any day.
  • She decided to leave public school after she got famous. Her friends abandoned when she went viral. She is now homeschooled.
  • Loren uses a MacBook to make all of her content.
  • Loren Gray has said that Olive Garden is her favorite restaurant, and she would eat there every day if she could.
  • Her favorite school subject is science, but she strongly dislikes math.
  • She likes shopping at American Eagle, Target, and Hollister.
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