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Maame Biney Height, Weight, Age & Boyfriends

Maame Biney is a prominent record-breaker in Olympic winter sports- she was the first African American woman to get on Team USA for speedskating. This is an amazing achievement, and not just because her home country of Ghana was not exactly an icy place.

About Maame Biney

Real Name: Maame Afua Biney
Nickname: Her self-proclaimed nickname is Fierce, and she has been called explosive by anyone who has seen her perform.
Occupation & Job: She is a professional speedskater for Team USA.
Famous For: Maame is most famous for being the first African American woman to make the speedskating team for Team USA.
Age: Maame just turned 18 years old.
Birthday / DOB: Maame celebrates her birthday on January 28th, 2000.
Place of Birth / Hometown: Maame’s homeland is African country of Ghana.
Nationality: Maame might have come from Ghana, but she is still an American.
Ethnicity: Maame is African American.

Height, Weight & Body

How Tall – Height in Meters: 1.67 m
How Tall – Height in Feet: Maame is 5 feet 6 inches tall.
Weight in Pounds: Her weight is listed as 150 pounds.
Weight in Kilograms: Her weight is 68 kg.

Body Measurements

Bra Size: Maame’s bra size is unknown.
Waist Size: Maame’s waist is estimated to be 28 inches.
Hip Size: Maame’s hip’s measure 38 inches around.
Eye Color: Her eyes are brown.
Hair Color:  Maame’s hair is black.
Foot/Shoe Size: We do not know what size shoe she wears.
Dress Size: Maame’s dress size is unknown.

Personal Life ( Relationships, family, education, Net Worth)

Are They Married: Maame is still very young, and is not married yet.
Husband / Boyfriend:  She is currently single, which is common for Olympic athletes when they are training.
Father: Maame’s father, Kweku Biney, is who she lives with, in America.
Mother: Not much is known about Maame’s mother, including her name. She still lives in Ghana.
Brother: She has one brother, whose name is unknown. He lives in Ghana with their mother.
Sister: As far as we know, Maame only has one sibling – her brother.
Children: Maame has no children.
High School: Her high school is not listed on the Team USA website, but she most likely attended a school in the Washington DC area where she lives.
Did They Go To College: She has not graduated from high school yet, but she would like to go to college for chemical engineering.
Salary: Her salary is unknown.
Net Worth:  We don’t know Maame’s true net worth.
Sexuality: As far as we know, Maame is straight.

Random Facts

Horoscope: Maame Biney is an Aquarius.
Hobbies: Maame likes doing chemistry when she can fit it in between training.
Favorite Movie: Maame enjoys Titanic because it is an emotional experience.
Favorite Sports: She loves speed skating and Taekwondo.
Address: Her address is not listed online.
Phone Number:  Unknown.

Social Media Accounts & Usernames

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fans-Of-Maame-Biney-132957467396733/

She does not have an official page of her own on the social networking site, but her fans started a page for her. The fan page was updated throughout Maame’s stint in the 2018 Olympics. It was followed by over 900 people.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bineymaame?lang=en

She started her Twitter account in March 2014, but so far she has only tweeted 23 times. She has gathered over 8,000 followers during that time. Most of her posts were retweets of photos and posts relating to the Olympics or her career.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biney.biney/?hl=en

Maame Biney has only posted 14 times on Instagram. Most of the posts are related to the Olympics, but she also honored Martin Luther King Jr on his birthday. Maame has dedicated 28.5K fans who follow her on the page.

Snapchat: Unknown

It does not look like Maame has a Snapchat account.

Other Cool Facts:

  • Her favorite school subject is chemistry.
  • Maame moved to the United States when she was 5 years old, after visiting her father who was living in the Washington DC area.
  • Her father originally signed her up for figure skating but the teacher noticed her talent and suggested that she be a speed skater instead.
  • She lists her favorite food as “any type of meat” on the Team USA website.
  • She started skating when she was 6 years old.
  • Maame’s mother and brother still live in Ghana.
  • Her favorite place that she has traveled is Austria.
  • Her sunny personality is well known – her school-mates knew her as being happy and smiling all the time.
  • In 2016-2017 she won the bronze medal in the 500-meter competition in the Short Track Junior World Championships.
  • Even though she put a lot of work into the Olympics, she is still working on her high school coursework online.
  • She did not place in the 2018 Olympics, but she is not letting that get her down. She is just focused on getting into the 2022 Olympics.
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