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How to Obtain Microsoft MCP Certification and Become a MCP Certified Specialist

MCP, also known as Microsoft Certified Professional certification is one of the well-recognized credentials in the IT sector. The certification aims to evaluate your competence and knowledge in the areas of specific Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions, such as web development and server operating systems. To become an MCP Certified Specialist, you should register for the certification exam. The Microsoft examination that will validate you for the MCP, contains all the tests that you need to pass in different categories of Microsoft courses. These include Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and other Microsoft Specialist certifications. It is important to mention that the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) examinations are not counted toward the MCP credential.

There are four distinct levels of certificates that you have the option of completing to earn your MCP certification. These levels are detailed below.

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Microsoft Certified Technology Associate Certifications

These certificates comprise the technology level credentials that are the minimum ones that are necessary for your MCP certification. They are a prerequisite to registering the professional level certifications and are designed to enhance your competency in certain Microsoft technologies. It is important to note that these certifications are designed for entry-level candidates.

  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional and Microsoft Professional Developer Certifications

These are professional level certifications that are designed to evaluate the skills and knowledge of Software Developers who develop NET applications.

  • Microsoft Certified Master Certification

This credential is intended for IT professionals who have the great experience in working with different Microsoft server products. The certification is aimed at evaluating their skills and knowledge in Microsoft server performance.

  • Microsoft Certified Architect

This is the highest level of Microsoft certification and is designed for professionals in the field of enterprise architecture.

Earning these certificates qualify you for becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional. When you become an MCP, there are many benefits that you will enjoy. It is important to point out that earning a Microsoft certification at any level is a big success that you should be proud of because there are many potentials that you can tap into with your credential.

To further understand what the MCP is all about, it is important to dwell some more on it to fully grasp the import of the certification.

Who is a Microsoft Certified Professional?

A Microsoft Certified Professional is someone who has completed a professional certification program, including writing and passing a certification examination, developed by Microsoft. As soon as you pass one of the professional exams offered by Microsoft, you become a Microsoft Certified Professional. The certification is designed to validate the technical expertise of IT developers and professionals through meticulous, industry-recognized, and industry proven examinations. It is important to mention that the MCP certification test covers broad areas of Microsoft products, solutions, and technologies. It also grasps other areas of Microsoft information technology applications and programs.

There are many benefits that you enjoy when you become a Microsoft Certified Professionals. Some of them include:

  • Ability to monitor your credential progress and access different options available for you to complete the exam with a customized certification planner.

  • Receive promotional suggestions on Microsoft certification products and training.

  • Be able to access the MCP e-store where you can buy different products that have your certification logos.

  • Access to the MCP Blog community.

  • Access to official transcript sharing and download tool that allows you to share your certification with other Microsoft Certified Professionals.

  • Ability to buy physical copies of your credential with a certificate manager. You can also view and download your certifications.

  • Utilize member resources to get training evaluation software or employment, among other things.

All these and many more are the benefits you receive directly from Microsoft as soon as you become an MCP. In addition to these advantages, there are so many others that come with earning a Microsoft certification. One important benefit is the career prospects that are available to you. When you are ready to change job, you definitely will have a better advantage over other job-seekers. You also win when it comes to salary potentials. According to the survey, professionals with a Microsoft certification earn more than those that do not have it. So, what can be better than the MCP credential?

So are you ready to take the step to become an MCP? The first step is to visit the Microsoft website to check the details of your preferred exam. You will also be able to check each of the topics you need to learn to be able to write and pass this certification test. For any Microsoft certification exams, you want to write, you can be sure that there are numerous resources that are at your disposal. You can also visit https://www.prepaway.com/mcp-certification-exams.html and all you have to do is to conduct a little bit of research, and you will find what you are looking for.

Career Options for Microsoft Certified Professionals

There are great opportunities that are available to you as a Microsoft Certified Professional. As soon as you earn your MCP certification, you can begin to tap into the different opportunities available to you. Depending on your desired career path, some of the potential career options that you have include:

  • Network Administrator

  • Software Developer

  • System Administrator

  • Web Developer

  • Database Administrator

  • Web Developer

  • System Architect

  • Enterprise Architect

  • Computer System Analyst

With the MCP certification, you can become a sought-after professional in the business world. Make the best of your opportunities and tap into the world of Microsoft certification. You will be amazed at how bright the future is for your career. Like many other things, the most important thing is to take a step. So, why not visit the official Microsoft website to find out all you need to become an MCP Certified Specialist?

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