Mother of Man Killed In Swatting Incident Wants Investigation Completed

The mother of Andrew Finch, the man who lost his life during a swatting incident in December, is demanding for the independent investigation to be completed. Lisa Finch visited the city council on Tuesday and spoke on the situation outside, asking why they are not speaking to them if this is an investigation.

In late January, the family filed a lawsuit against the city of Wichita and its police department. The lawsuit alleges that the police who were there used excessive force. Police have revealed that Andrew Finch was shot by an officer when he moved his hands.

The incident happened back in December, when a hoax emergency call was made to their address. Andrew Finch had nothing to do with the dispute that led to the call. Reports revealed shortly after the incident happened that it all began between two teammates in a Call of Duty online game. One of the teammates had threatened the other with swatting and the other teammate responded with a fake address.

Someone else then made a hoax emergency call to that address and authorities responded. Andrew Finch opened the door to see what was going on but was shot by the officer when he moved his hands. Days later, authorities arrested Tyler Barriss, who is said to be the person that made the call.

Reports later revealed that Tyler Barriss had a history of making hoax emergency calls, including a false bomb report to a TV station. In January, he waived his right to extradition during a hearing and days later, he was charged with involuntary manslaughter. He is facing up to eleven years in prison.

At least two other swatting incidents have been reported since the one in December. One happened in another city in Kansas while the latest happened to a YouTube gamer who had gone viral when he played with a popular streamer. During the match, he was endorsed by the streamer and that brought him thousands of subscribers. Shortly after going viral, police showed up at his door with emergency services. Authorities told them that they had received a call telling them that people hung themselves. There was no crime at the address but it was a scary moment for the family, who did not know what was going on.

Last month, a bill looking to increase penalties for people who make swatting calls was passed. The bill is known as the Andrew Finch act.