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Picabo Street Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Picabo Street is one of the most prolific USA alpine ski racers of all time. She is a big part of American ski racing history, having won several Olympic medals, World Cups and being inducted into the Ski HoF in 2004. Today, we’ll take a quick look at her life and career, and wrap it all up by checking out Picabo Street’s Snapchat account. Let’s get started!

Street was born in Triumph, Idaho. Fun fact, until she was 3 years old, she didn’t actually have a name. She chose her own name, Picabo, when she was making her passport (she was three at the time). When she was seventeen, she joined the U.S. Ski Team, where she competed in downhill and super G events. Picabo debuted in the World Cup four years later. She won her first medal a couple of months later in Japan, at the 1993 World Championships.

She started off 1994 by winning a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer. The next season, she won the downhill title. Afterward, she was forced to take a break due to several injuries. She returned in 1998 and won a golden Olympic medal. However, she suffered another injury shortly after and was forced once more to take a break. Street returned to skiing in 2000 for two more seasons in which she didn’t achieve any major results. She retired in 2002, right after the Olympics.

Picabo is currently busy managing her own skiing academy. TheĀ  Academy was founded in 2015, and it offers top of the line education to the students who have an extracurricular passion.

Up next, we are taking a look at the situation regarding Picabo Street’s Snapchat account. Let’s take a look!

Picabo Street Snapchat Username – Picabo Doesn’t Use Snapchat

As you can probably imagine, Picabo Street’s Snapchat doesn’t really exist, mainly because the skier is a part of the older generation who aren’t really active online. That being said, she does have some other social media profiles that could be useful to you. We have them ready for your right down below.

Picabo Street – Other Social Media Accounts

While you won’t have much luck finding Picabo Street on Snapchat, here are some other social networks that you can find her on:

Picabo Street Facebook Account

Picabo Street Twitter Username – @picabostreet

Street’s Academy Instagram Username – @picabostreetacademy (Her Academy’s page, she doesn’t have a personal one)

Picabo Street YouTube Topic

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