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Purple Vs Novosbed

The Purple is a fresh mattress company with a fresh design. They burst onto the scene late last year with a daring Kickstarter campaign. they claimed that their mattress could alleviate your back pain, provide ergonomic support and top-notch comfort all without memory foam. While it might sound like a pipe dream to industry veterans like myself, I have to say I was greatly surprised and extremely impressed with this one. The Novosbed, by contrast, is one of the most versatile classic memory foam beds on the market. The company behind Novosbed has spared no expense in both the mattresses construction and their customer support, providing what is probably the best aftermarket care of any product. While it may be difficult to call an overall winner here, the products really are very different, I think I can help narrow down your choice somewhat. Let’s see what these two bring to the table.

Company Vs Company – Novosbed Vs Purple

few companies can compete with Novosbed when it comes to philanthropy, and Purple is no exception. Too young a company to give any of their peers a run for their money in terms of charity. Novosbed not only donates returned mattresses, a feat matched by Purple, but they have also provided relief to the victims of the Fort McMurray fires. they also work with many homeless shelters across the country. Purple donates all returned stock, but I have been unable to find reference to any other charity policies with the firm. As I said, they are young, and in time I fully expect to see a plethora of philanthropic endeavors from Purple.

Winner – Novosbed

Purple Vs Novosbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

Let’s take a look at the topper materials on offer here. When a company goes with a material other than cotton they tend to have to sacrifice one of the holy trinity of material traits, durability, porousness, and comfort. Novosbed has instead gone with a combination of two different poly-blends, one more porous and comfortable and the other more durable and porous. It creates the best of both worlds, a mattress topper that will stand the test of time without skimping on the overall feel. The Purple has gone with a Poly-Lycra, polyester and viscose blend, and while it might not match the Novosbed in terms of breathability or feel, it can match it in durability and comfort, by virtue of being so stretchy. No other mattress needs a pliable cover, but with the Purple it is a necessity, facilitating the elastic polymer comfort layer. If the cover were more rigid you would not receive the full benefit of their unique comfort layer, rendering the whole thing pointless. So Purple has the better overall design, but in terms of raw data, the Novosbed has the better cover.

Winner – Novosbed

On to the insides, and the difference are very pronounced here. The Novosbed is a nice spin on the tired and true three tiers of foam build, whereas the Purple is a whole new thing, base foam on top of a never before used Hyper-Elastic Polymer. The Novosbed comes in three flavors, Soft, Medium and Firm. the Medium and Firm are quite similar so let’s start with them. At base, they both have 7″ of support foam, topped with two 2″ layers of hyper-dense memory foam. The memory foam is so dense so as to prevent the heat retention common to memory foam designs. They are also aerated, increasing airflow and further cooling the mattress. The Firm’s top layer of memory foam is less dense than the mediums, leading to a firmer mattress. The Soft is the more impressive build in my opinion. This time we have 6″ of support foam, on 3″ of aerated memory foam topped with 2″ of gel infused aerated memory foam. The gel and aeration, combined with the denser foam, lead to a very cool mattress and were I comparing the Novosbed to pretty much any other mattress out there it would be the cooler of the two, but not today.

The Purple is new, it is unique in the mattress world. Rather than using layers of foam, it uses a single layer of Hyper-elastic polymer to create its sleeping experience. Sure there are two-layer, 4″ and 3″, of support foam, but the core of the comfort comes from that 2″ top layer. Look at it in the sidebar, very strange I know. It feels like a firm mattress but reacts to the distribution of your weight, depressing in areas that need to be depressed. The best way I can describe it is like a firm mattress that hugs your contours like memory foam. The issue of heat retention doesn’t exist either, as the Purple does not use memory foam, and their polymer is full of holes anyway. Overall this is a hard section to call, but the Purple has the edge I think, especially when compared to the Medium and the Firm.

Winner – Purple

Novosbed Vs Purple Overall Review

There are two kinds of people. Those whose back pains are solved with high-quality memory foam builds and those whose back pains are not. If you are in the former category, then you will be well served by the Novosbed, for the reasons mentioned above and below. If you are in the latter camp then I implore you to at least test out the Purple. It is tailor-made for people with back issues, and they argue that it is really the only true way to sleep. Overall I am calling this a draw.

Winner – Draw

Purple Vs Novosbed – Pricing & Returns Policy

The vast majority of people sleep in a Twin XL, a Queen or a King sized bed. So statistically the Purple has you covered, but I am still somewhat unimpre4ssed with the lack of a full range of sizes. Both of these firms come with free shipping, which is something of an industry standard. What is misleading here is the price of the Novosbed, which does not include the $100 discount. That makes the Queen the same price, and the King cheaper. If you are looking for a Twin XL though you want a Purple, big saving there. We must also remember the Comfort+ system. Novosbed has the lowest return rate in the business, as when you call them to return your mattress they will first offer the Comfort+ system. It is essentially a half dozed mattress toppers that fit in flush with your mattress allowing you to dial in the firmness level of your mattress. Some made it softer, others harder. Novosbed offers a whole lot of mattress for a grand.

 Size NovosbedPurple
Twin XL$949$699
Cal King$1299N/A

On to the customer service options, and I was very happy to find Purple matching their peers. Their warranty is the standard 10 years, and remember that covers visible sag, and they offer every customer a full 100 nights to test out their mattress. They donate all returned stock and give full refunds within that 100 night period. Novosbed goes a little further in terms of warranty though, 15 years comprehensive coverage, and a 120 night trial period. I would argue that seen as a mattress normally lasts 10 years, and you should know if you want to keep a mattress within a month or so, the differences here are negligible. Overall Novosbed comes out on top, but I don’t think this renders the Purple moot.

Winner – Novosbed.

Novosbed Vs Purple – Conclusion

This is a harder one to call than I thought it would be. The Novosbed is a fantastic mattress, at a great price, and the dollar to foam ratio is way higher than most other mattresses. But in many ways the Purple is not only selling a mattress, they are selling the fact that all other mattresses have been doing it wrong. In the end, I think you have to try out the Purple yourself. If you are unsatisfied with your memory foam mattress then it might be exactly what you’re looking for, if you aren’t, and are simply looking to upgrade, then the Novosbed is a great option for you. Overall I am giving this to Novosbed.

Overall winner – Novosbed

Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – That is a nice mattress you have there. Sure would be a shame if someone were to spill Peking Duck all over it. you may well want to invest in a mattress protector. You just spent an awful lot of money on a mattress, and the warranty will not cover accidental damages. I picked up a SafeRest a few months back and it is still going strong, protecting my mattress from Bees and roaming wolves. Also Pepsi.  At Amazon, it is listed for pretty cheap, and if you Click the link you can get a discount making it cheaper still. 

Sheets – You’re also going to need a sheet to go with your nice new mattress. And not just any sheet, treat yourself and go get a high thread count cotton sheet. Here are the ones I bought, 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet.

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