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Sweetnight Pillow Review

We’ve reviewed a lot of mattresses on Gazette Review but haven’t found much of a reason to review pillows as most pillows falls into the same bucket when it comes to quality and purpose. That said we recently received a pillow from Sweetnight which changed our opinion a bit and we decided to put together a full review for the pillow, yes a full review for a pillow.

Anyways this isn’t the first product from Sweetnight that we’ve reviewed. In fact we reviewed a mattress manufactured by them a couple months back which you can read here. So we’ve had some experience with the companies products in the past. As you can see in the review the mattress was top notch in quality while the price point was a fair bit lower than competition.  Let’s see if the pillow is simliar.


As I stated earlier most pillows are pretty similar from a build standpoint, generally you’re going to get a cotton exterior with a down or polyester interior, pretty simple formula. The

Sweetnight pillow changes this a bit. The exterior is somewhat similar, made with rayon cotton, however the interior consists of 90% shredded comfort foam and 10% shredded gel memory foam.  This blend results in superior cooling abilities in high heat environents when compared to standard down or polyester filled pillows.

Additionally this blend is CertiPUR-US Certified. Meaning it’s free of harmful substances such as mercury, heavy metals, and formaldehyde which sometimes can make their way into products in small amounts. This certifaction also means makes it great for anyone who has allergies.

Overall the build quality is very impressive. The product is double stiched and seems like

will last a very long time. Obviously this is just a projection as we haven’t had the product for a long period of time but it withstood or “abuse” during the testing stage, which basically consisted of an aggressive pillow fight…

Something else that seperates the Sweetnight from the competition is the ease of adjustablility.  What does that mean? Well the pillow comes with a nice little drawstring bag so you can adjust the amount of filling in the pillow and put the extra in the bag. This allows you to choose the perfect “fill” level for your specific preferences.  I personally liked the middle of the road size.

Price & Value

Standard pillows generally run around $15-20 give or take.  Most “cheap
memory foam blankets run about twice this which puts the Sweetnight in line with the discount options. The quality on the other hand is more in line with the premium memory foam pillows that run upwards of $60-70.

Based off the current market rate for premium pillows the Sweetnight is a great pick. You essentially are getting a premium memory foam pillow for the price of the cheap alternatives.

Additionally the company offers a 100% money back guarentee. When it comes to something like a pillow which can be such a personal preference thing, it’s nice to know if it doesn’t fit your needs you can always return it.

Current Deals 

To help save you some time we’ve collected the best current discounts and coupon codes for the Sweetnight products below:

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