Thursday, June 8, 2023

Worker Injured After Angry Driver Moves Bucket Truck

An angry driver is now in jail after he decided to get out of his car and move a bucket truck that was sitting in the middle of the road. The incident, which happened in Vicente Lopez, Argentina, began when the driver got out of his car and walked towards the truck, which was blocking traffic.

The man is seen next to the truck’s door but a worker stops him from moving it. He walks back to his car but then comes back to the truck. This time he moves the truck from the middle of the road and turns left. Two people walking by watch as the angry driver moves the bucket truck with the worker on top. The truck appears to hit cables or a street light as parts are seen falling. The people standing by are seen running away as parts fall from the top.

The other worker walks back to the truck to check on the worker that was on top of the truck. The angry driver is seen walking back to his car, which is behind another car. Security footage shows the angry driver pushing the car in front of him to escape. The other worker is nearly hit by the car that is being pushed by the angry driver. He escapes but security footage shows a police truck chasing after the car.

Security footage shows other trucks and emergency teams arriving shortly after. Two other bucket trucks are used to get the injured man off the truck. The man, who was installing LED lights when the truck was moved, suffered minor injuries. In the video, he is moved to a stretcher and then an ambulance. The video does not show what happens to the worker when the truck is moved but reports say he got tangled in electric cables and suffered injuries to his hands.

The man escaped but authorities caught him shortly after the incident. According to reports, city workers operating the security cameras found his car nearby. The cameras tracked the vehicle until police arrived and arrested the man.

The man has been arrested for attempted homicide and authorities have confirmed that the worker is now recovering. Here is a video of the incident posted by the Eco Medios YouTube channel:

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