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The 4Sleep Mattress Review – Is It The Right Mattress For You?

Every so often I get to review something a little different. A mattress company, new to the market, out there with a design not based on the three tiers of foam? Wonderful, let me at it. I love finding out how these novel companies solve the classic problems of mattress builds, heat retention, firmness levels etc. Even better the 4Sleep looks fantastic, and a level of aesthetic thought speaks volumes about the attention to detail inherent to the firms designers. Add in the fact that I have had not one, but two remarkably pleasant interactions with the 4Sleep customer support team, and I think we might be onto a winner here. Very much looking forward to breaking this build down for you.

So let’s get right to it, see if we can find out if the 4Sleep mattress is the right product for you.

About 4Sleep

4Sleep are a relatively new company, and as such have not been able to stretch their charity muscles too hard. I recently got in contact with them and was able to ask a few questions regarding where they want to go in the future, and what they are doing now. For the moment they are not outwardly affiliated with any one charity. They do donate, but have chosen to not make that information public for the time being. I am still awaiting more information from the company founders on possible future endeavors, so I’ll keep you updated.

4Sleep Mattress Build Quality & Materials

4Sleep embeddedOur story begins with the cover material, as it always does. 4Sleep have went for a full on poly blend for their topper, specifically viscose and Lycra poly blend. I have seen similar materials used in other mattress, most notably the Leesa, and it is great in so many ways. I would argue that it is not as soft as cotton, but more than makes up for it in terms of breathability. Normally when we see a poly blend the durability is without question, but the topper material for the 4Sleep is thinner than most, so I would like to know its long term viability. By long term I of course mean a decade, and seen as this mattress has not existed for a decade we cannot know, unfortunately. I don’t believe this to be a big issue though, I am certain the designers over at 4Sleep know what they are doing. In terms of aesthetics I think I’m in love. Almost all mattresses are obsessed with the ultra modern, single color Apple design philosophy, not son with the 4Sleep. It looks kinda like the surface of the Death Star, uniform true, but with all those twists and turns it’s hard not enjoy looking at it. A minor boon, but one we still need to take into account.

On to the insides, and get ready for a wild ride. The vast majority of mattresses use a three tier system. A base foam, a memory foam and a final cooling foam. With the 4Sleep we have five layers, sort of. The Base layer is the familiar support foam, 7″ of the stuff. Next up is a 1.5″ Resiliency layer, used here to prevent the sleeper from hitting the base layer with too much weight. It allows the memory foam layer to do its work, hugging your contours, and lets the base foam simply support you. This is topped by 1″ of Motion Control foam, this is a transition layer, that also responds to your movements faster than simple memory foam. It allows the mattress to create new body depressions at a far faster speed than is usual. At the edge of the Resiliency layer and the Motion Control layer is an edge support system, which further cradles the sleeper. Not a true layer in and of itself it is best to think of it as containment. At the top we have 1.5″ of gel infused memory foam. My favorite kind of memory foam, this has all the benefits of memory foam, without the heat retention issue. So not only is it a comfortable sleep, it is also a cool one.

4Sleep Overall Review

Well that was an interesting breakdown. The 4Sleep addresses all the problems with building a mattress in new and interesting ways. If I were to compare the quality on offer here, it reminds me of the Loom and Leaf, all those layers, acting in concert. Overall I am very impressed, a lot of thought went into the creation of this mattress.

4Sleep Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

When I started looking at the 4Sleep I really expected it to be one of the more expensive mattresses on the market. I am happy to say I am wrong, but no less confused. How they can offer the quality they do at this price is beyond me, but regardless. A queen will set you back $824, with the $75 discount offered by the company. Shipping is free too, via Fedex believe it or not.

Twin$54939″ x 75″ x 11″
Twin XL$64939″ x 80″ x 11″
Full$79954″ x 75″ x 11″
Queen$89960″ x 80″ x 11″
King$99976″ x 80″ x 11″
Cal King$99972″ x 84″ x 11″


It seems to me these days that the mattress industry is one of the few that is still concerned with giving value to the customer, well the direct ton consumer market at the very least. With the 4Sleep you get 100 nights to test out the mattress, if you don’t like the mattress by that time you can return it for a full refund, and the mattress is donated to charity. In addition the value of a mattress warranty cannot be overstated. A full 10 years coverage on offer here, which is the standard in the industry, but remember, mattress warranties cover visible sag within the coverage period. So well worth it then.

4Sleep Mattress Conclusion

Oh my, this is an interesting one. The Mattress is extremely well priced, and the build here is certainly one of the more interesting on the market. i mentioned before that this build compares favorably with one of my favorite foam based mattresses, the Loom and Leaf by Saatva, the difference is the Loom and Leaf is much more expensive, and I really don’t see why that is anymore. If you are in the market for a high quality mattress that is focused on personal comfort then you really have to consider the 4Sleep.

4Sleep Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – No one wants to risk damaging their new bed, especially when you know that accidental damage is not covered by your warranty. So I recommend you go out there and get yourself a mattress protector. I looked them up a long time ago now, and bought myself a SafeRest. I know for certain that it defends against Pepsi, and the packaging says it’s good against fire, bed bugs and all manner of other things. They might not be the most comfortable things in existence, but there are ways to mitigate that. clicking this link to automatically apply the discounted rate at

Sheet – Speaking of ways to mitigate the relative discomfort inherent in a mattress protector, you need a damn fine sheet. there are really only two options in my opinion. High thread count cotton, which is my favorite, and good Irish linen. The second option may be some cultural bias though, so let’s focus on the cotton. It must be high thread count, which tends to be a little on the expensive side. I bought a set of 1000s on amazon back when I bought the SafeRest and they have stood the test of time. Be sure to pick a set up.

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