So many phones have been released throughout the year but some smartphone makers do a little more by announcing smartphones that sometimes are a little difficult to find or simply not released where we live. In 2018, Vivo, Huawei and many other companies have released limited edition smartphones that are extremely rare. Here are eight smartphones you probably didn’t know existed:

Vivo Xplay 6 – Steph Curry Edition

Vivo has released a few limited edition smartphones this year, including the limited edition Steph Curry Xplay 6. The release is unique since we don’t often see athletes get their own limited edition smartphones. The box comes with a Golden State Warriors wristband, phone stand, sports towel and a picture of Steph Curry. The smartphone comes in the Golden State Warriors colors. The blue covers the back while the antenna bands are in yellow. In the back, there is also Steph Curry’s signature and his jersey number. The phone has a Golden State Warriors theme, with all the icons having the team colors.

Essential Phone – Ocean Depths, Copper Black and Stellar Gray

In February, three limited edition color options were announced for the Essential Phone. The company said on its website that its team spent months developing the color options for these three phones. Essential did not reveal how many units are being sold but the Ocean Depths color option is now sold out on its website. The company has also released an Amazon exclusive version.

(PRODUCT) RED Apple iPhone 8

The (PRODUCT) RED iPhone is nothing new but Apple recently announced the latest edition for that partnership, the red iPhone 8. Apple’s partnership with (RED) helps raise funds and awareness to end HIV/AIDS in eight African countries. The red color option, now available for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, went on sale in some regions through the company’s official website and stores last week. Prices are the same as the regular iPhone 8 and Plus.

Vivo X20 – 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup is just a few weeks away and Vivo has released a limited edition smartphone for the tournament. Back in May, the company became an official sponsor for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. There is no difference in the specs between the Vivo X20 and the World Cup edition. The only difference between the two can be found on the back of the 2018 World Cup Vivo X20, which has the logo of the tournament.

OnePlus 5T – Star Wars Edition

Several companies released Star Wars products before the new movie arrived to theaters in December. One of those companies was OnePlus, which released a Star Wars OnePlus 5T. This limited edition smartphone does not bring any improved specs or new features. The only difference can be seen on the back of the phone with the Storm Trooper colors and Star Wars logo on the bottom. This smartphone was only released in a few countries. In India, it sold out in just weeks but the company did a good thing in January for fans there by releasing it for a limited time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – PyeongChang Winter Olympics Edition

The Galaxy Note 8 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Edition is extremely rare since it was only given to athletes and officials that participated in the event. The company said before the event that it would supply 4,000 of the phablets. The only difference between the regular Galaxy Note 8 is that the Winter Olympics Edition has a white glass back with gold Olympic rings at the bottom. The phone also comes in a different box and brings Olympics themed wallpapers.

Samsung also did the same with the 2016 Rio Olympics, giving out Olympic Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. That edition would later be released to everyone else but Samsung said before the 2018 Winter Olympics that this edition would not be available for purchase.

Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS

Last month, Huawei announced its much anticipated P20 phones. The P20 Pro and its three cameras quickly caught the attention of tech fans around the world but the company also announced a limited edition smartphone there. The Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS brings a lot of the things we see on the P20 Pro such as the three cameras plus better specs.

The only bad thing about this limited edition smartphone is its $2,000 price tag. Porsche Design smartphones have always been expensive but this one is the most expensive so far.

LG Signature Edition

The LG Signature Edition is pretty much a ceramic LG V30 with more RAM and internal storage. The phone is extremely rare since the company made just 300 of them. They are so rare that those who had the chance to buy one could get their names engraved on the back of the device. The smartphone was only available in South Korea for a price of about $1,800.



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