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Ashley Cain Snapchat Username – 2018 Profile ID

Ashley Cain is figure skater from America. She takes part in teaching and guiding Olympic figure skater hopefuls. This is part of her membership in the US DREAM team for Figure Skating. DREAM stands for Determination, Responsibility, Education, Achievement, and Motivation.

How Ashley Cain Got Famous

Ashley was born in Carrollton, Texas on July 22, 1995, to Darlene and Peter Cain. Both of her parents were involved in skating before Ashley was born. Her father even participated in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Other members of her family are involved in the sport as well. It is hard to imagine that she would not be a figure skater with that kind of influence.

Ashley began skating when she was four, and skating with a partner a couple years later. She first competed in 2008 at the US Championships, where she finished 8th along with her partner. Through the years, she has competed in other single and pair matches. Ashley and her current partner, Timothy LeDuc, have been competing together since May 23, 2016.

Ashley Cain Snapchat Name – icegirlash

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Ashley Cain Other Social Media Accounts

Ashley Cain Personal Facebook Account

Ashley’s official Facebook page is followed by 1,313 fans. She posts frequently, both promoting brands such as Outdoor Voices and sharing her life with her fans. She is getting married soon and has been posting updates on that. On April 10th, 2018, she shared the wedding planning book that she purchased from Etsy.

Ashley Cain Twitter Username

Ashley has 4,500 followers on Twitter. She joined the social media platform in July of 2009, which is pretty soon after Twitter’s inception. The account mainly serves as an aggregator for her other social media account. Occasionally she also retweets people that mention her in their tweets.

Ashley Cain Instagram Username

Ashley has the greatest following on her Instagram account with 15,000 followers. She shares many awesome pictures such as her professional skating team and pictures of her and her fiance. A lot of the pics show Ashley doing incredible tricks on the ice, flying through the air with the help of her partner.

Ashley Cain Kik Username 

Ashley does not seem to participate in the Kik messenger app.

Ashley Cain Youtube Username

Ashley has only 99 subscribers on Youtube. She mainly uses her account to create playlists of videos that she likes. There are three original videos on her channel. They are all vlogs of her adventures in the skating world.

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