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Aurelia Dobre Snapchat Username- 2018 Profile ID

Aurelia Dobre is a retired gymnast from Bucharest, Romania. She won the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 1987 when she was just 14. The next year, she earned the silver medal in gymnastics at the 1988 Olympics.

How Aurelia Dobre Got Famous?

Aurelia was born on November 16, 1972, in Bucharest, Romania. She trained in gymnastics until winning the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships she was just 14. She was originally thought to be the youngest to ever win that competition, but it turns out that another champion had lied about her age to get into the competition. Still, being the second youngest World Champion in gymnastics is not too shabby.

After winning the silver medal for Romania in the summer Olympics of 1988, she was forced into retirement when she experienced a growth spurt as well as two severe injuries. In 1991, she moved to America. That same year she also posed nude in an issue of the Netherlands version of Playboy. Soon after she was married to a gymnastics coach from Iran. The pair had four sons which are all now Internet famous. Aurelia occasionally appears on their social media channels. She also is a dance coach and a choreographer at Maryland’s Dobre Gymnastics Academy.

Aurelia Dobre Snapchat Name – lucas_dobre

Aurelia does not have her own Snapchat, but she is occasionally featured on her son’s feed. If you’d like to follow him for random Aurelia content, just click this link.

Aurelia Dobre Other Social Media Accounts

Aurelia Dobre Personal Facebook Account

She doesn’t keep a personal Facebook page, or if she does, she doesn’t have it set to public. There is an unmaintained official page for her that has over 1000 followers despite having no content

Aurelia Dobre Twitter Username

Aurelia had a Twitter at one point as it is aggregated on the front page of Google results. At some, point, it has been deleted.

Aurelia Dobre Instagram Username

The only social media account that Aurelia maintains is her Instagram account. She is posted 249 times to her 384,000 followers. Many of her photos feature her famous sons. She also posts candids of herself and her husband. The most recent photo of them was celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. An interesting facet of her account is the number of times that she posts photos of herself with exotic animals in different locations, such as a baby tiger, a wallaby, and an alligator.

Aurelia Dobre Kik Username 


Aurelia Dobre Youtube Username

No channel of her own, but her notable performances are uploaded by fans. There are also uploads of her videos with her two internet famous sons.
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