Australia: Florist’s Job Offer To Man Who Vandalized Her Van Goes Viral

A New South Wales florist, who found out on Tuesday that her work van had been vandalized, has responded to the incident in a kind way. Jessica Eckford-Aguilera, who works at the Newcastle Flower Markets, arrived to work on Tuesday and noticed that her work van had been vandalized. Graffiti was left all over the back of the van, which is used to carry the flowers and bouquets made by the shop.

She didn’t complain or ask authorities to catch the man responsible for it. She made a Facebook post offering the man a job. In the post, she says that they would like to offer the offender a job at the shop. The post adds that the job will teach him responsibility and respect for other people’s belongings.

Her Facebook post quickly caught the attention of many as it is a response we don’t see very often. The post has been shared thousands of times in the last few days. The majority of the people have applauded Jessica for having a positive response to the situation.

The job offer cannot be accepted since the suspect was arrested by authorities. Jessica spoke to the Today show and confirmed that he had been arrested overnight for other police-related matters. She told the show that she thought the offender was a child. She also said she made the offer because she believes everybody deserves a second chance.

The man was arrested but Jessica has confirmed that the offer still stands so he can get his life back on track. She explained that the offer creates a job for the person and that it’s about teaching him responsibility. She finished by saying that she just wants to put an olive branch out there and that hopefully he takes it up. Authorities have not revealed what the man was arrested for but Jessica has said that he is not in a good state and that she thinks his life had been spiraling out of control for some time.

The response has spread all over social media in Australia and the offer has actually led to many requests. Jessica says the shop has received many requests from people wanting to work there. The offer for the offender remains but it appears that the shop won’t have any problems if they decide to hire a few more people in the future.