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Benjamin Agosto Snapchat Username – 2018 Profile ID

Benjamin Agosto competed in the 2006 Olympics where he won Silver. Paired with partner Tanith Belbin, Benjamin has also gotten four medals in the World Figure Skating Championships and was the US champion in the Figure Skating Championships from 2004 to 2008.

How Benjamin Agosto Got Famous?

Benjamin was born on January 15, 1982, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in the neighboring suburb of Northbrook, a fairly wealthy town. In high school, Benjamin played in a jazz band before graduating in 2000. His true passion was skating, which he started learning at the age of six. Six years later, he discovered ice dancing.

Benjamin started competing in 1995 his former partner Katie Hill. He ended up skating with her until 1998 when he moved to Michigan. That’s when he met his last partner Tanith Belbin, who he stayed with him until he retired in June 2010. Their first full season of skating together, they ended up winning two medals at the Junior Grand Prix series. The two kept competing and even went on to the Olympics in 2006.

Benjamin Agosto Snapchat Name – Benjamin Agosto is not yet on Snapchat.

Benjamin Agosto Other Social Media Accounts

Benjamin Agosto Personal Facebook Account

Benjamin does not have a personal Facebook profile or even an official page for his brand. There are at least 3 fan-made pages for him and his partnership with Tanith Belbin. The one with the most followers has not been updated since 2011.

Benjamin Agosto Twitter Username

Benjamin signed up for Twitter in April 2009. Since then he has developed a following of almost 10,000 fans. He doesn’t post original tweets very often, opting instead to retweet content related to skating and the Olympics.

Benjamin Agosto Instagram Username

Benjamin does not post to Instagram very often. He is only posted a total of 375 followers. Many of the posts are related to his stint on NBC as an Olympics commentator for the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. Other photos are of his dogs, food, and travels, much like any other Instagram account.

 Benjamin Agosto Kik Username 

Benjamin does not use the instant messaging service known as Kik Messenger, or at least he hasn’t released his username to his fans.

Benjamin Agosto Youtube Username

Benjamin does not have his own YouTube channel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find videos from his routines all over the platform. Team USA posted a wonderful video of Benjamin performing with his partner called Great Moments in Team USA history.

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